Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ohhhhhhh, Gussy is a blonde {again}.

Ohhhhhh, a new Etsy listing:
{mini washcloths, multi-color}

Ohhhhhhh, Gussy is doing an inside workout today. Why? Because she is walking like she has two broken hips. And no one needs to see her walking like that. Not only is this silly... but a little embarassing.
I'll keep my embarrassed-self inside today, thankyouverymuch :)

Ohhhhhhh, my new everyday bag is almost done. ALMOST!!! :) What does it look like? It is blue, green, white and yellow striped. With a big white button on the front. And a cute inside pocket with lemons printed all over it. And blue straps to match the blue stripes. It is, like, SO! CUTE!


Nikki said...

Why won't you post a darn picture of it already?

daniella said...

I like the hair! Suits you well. And because it does, I don't think people would notice the funky hips :-) Go for a walk now.

ZWhit said...

I like Daniella ;)