Thursday, October 1, 2009


*This information is subject to change at anytime.


I'm new to sewing/I'd like to learn. What tips and suggestions do you have?

I encourage you to read The Story of Gussy {and other sewing advice} --- click here.

Otherwise, the short version: Go to your local library, which is what I did, check out 30 books, and teach yourself :)

{This is my favorite how-to-sew book: Bend-the-Rules Sewing}

I'd like to become a blog sponsor. What do I do?

First off, yeow! Secondly, please email me for the most current sponsorship rates. I offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day packages, and sponsorships are available to begin on the 1st and 15th of every month.

If you'd like to add a feature post dedicated entirely to you or a giveaway, I'd love to write you a Gussy-fied post. Please contact me for rates.

I want to be featured on your blog. How do I make this happen?

There are two ways: You can purchase a feature post, or you can wait for my next Giveaway Day, which happens every 3-4 months. I had one in November and January; my next date is for end of April. Please email me if you'd like more information on this.

But I see you have Featured Artist posts. Are they blog sponsors, too?

No. An Etsy Featured Artist post is something I have incorporated into my blog to give my readers something to look forward to, aside from my Gussy products. I strongly believe in supporting my peers, which is another reason for FA posts. All Featured Artists are Etsy sellers, just like me. They offer products that I feel my readers will enjoy drooling over, I mean reading about.

I hand-select all FA posts; no one can purchase this.

I'd like to do a giveaway on your blog. Can you tell me if that's possible?
I welcome giveaway requests. If you'd like Gussy to host your giveaway, please contact me!

Please note:
All giveaway products will remain with the seller {you} and will be mailed directly to the winner. Do not mail me anything.
All costs required for the giveaway {aka: shipping costs, etc.} are to be paid by the seller/shop owner.

My only involvement is accepting your cold hard cash {aka: PayPal}, writing about the giveaway product and transferring information between the seller and the winner. I try to keep this easy, simple and fun :)

How old are you?

Ohhh, sneaky, sneaky you. I am 24-years-old. My birthday is July 5.

I'd like to request a Custom Order with Gussy. How do I do that?

At this time I am not accepting custom orders. This is to encourage creativity and preserve the limited time I have to sew. I have another full-time job; I have to know my limits.

Where do you purchase your supplies -- fabric, buttons, labels?
I have been advised to not disclose all of this information. As much as I would love to tell the world where I find each and every one of my items used to make Gussy Wares, I have a policy that I don't divulge where I get my materials. I'm flattered that you asked, and thanks in advance for understanding.

However, if you have questions about fabric brand selections, that info is listed within each individual listing.

Why did you add another shop {Big Cartel}?
#1 reason: because I want to be wise with my business. To keep up with Gussy and some behind-the-scene projects, I've been working a lot. Gussy is growing fast and I couldn't be more excited. Despite that excitement, however, it seems that Etsy is more and more expensive to me as the seller. Since most of my shop traffic is from blog referrals I am confident the sales will follow me, despite the move. Also, by making wise financial decisions I'm able to offer you new Gussy products more often. See? It's a win-win for everyone.

Etsy is a great community to be a part of. It's helped to bring Gussy to where it's at today and I am by no means "dropping Etsy". I have nothing negative to say about the site, just positive wants and needs for Gussy.

So, what is the new shop URL?
You can visit Gussy at

Is it easier {from a buyers perspective} than Etsy?
I think so! For one, you don't have to create an account to buy. Secondly, I still accept PayPal, so you know your money is secure. I believe the check-out process to be smoother, as well.

What are some other perks to your new shop?
I can offer you shop discounts EASILY! For example, right now I offer a 15%-off discount if you sign-up to receive my newsletter. {To sign-up, look for the orange Bravenet box on my blog -- it's in the right sidebar.}

When I have sales, you can easily type in the special code at check-out and Big Cartel will automatically adjust your order to reflect the discount. No need to wait for a PayPal refund. In the end, it's less work for both of us :)

Are you going to delete your Etsy account?
No, not for a while. For one, I still want to be part of the Etsy community. Secondly, I want people to be able to find me. At some point I plan on having more items in my Big Cartel shop. As things progress I'll be sure to fill you in on the details.

Look for this button on my blog to direct you to my new shop:

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Thanks for doing this sweets! U gave great info on big cartel n I'd been wondering! You rock.....hard!