Friday, October 2, 2009

{oh me, oh my}

Yesterday I showed you pictures
of approximately 84 pieces of fabric + interfacing that I would be working hard to transform into all things ugly. Ha ha, gotcha! Happy Friday ;) Of course I meant to type all things beautiful. Yes, beautiful. Beautiful fall fabrics: browns, tans, creams, gold, burnt orange, dusty pink and blue-sky blue. {I made that last one up!}

Last night I was able to put some serious lovin' into all 84 pieces. Oh me, oh my: don't you just want to touch every. single. ruffle?!?! I do! And I did as I sewed them freehand into all things ruffle-like. Sewing has sincerely become second nature to me; it's wonderful.

Some of the fabrics in there are satiny, some are textured, some are dull in color {but still BEAUTIFUL!!!}.

There's one fabric store in particular that has me wrapped around it's finger. I go in there and all I see is fabric mixed in with some mood lighting :) AKA: Love at first sight!

All there is to see is fabric, and the fabric is displayed neatly on its bolt. The floor is lovely to look at {honest!}. Oh shoot, I forgot there's a small yarn section near the back. Aside from that, it's all about sewing.

What I love about this new {to me} store is all things that are missing: nasty florescent lighting, nasty long cutting counters, nasty ticket-taker thingies. Do these fabrics look like they could ever come from a nasty store? No way! Nuhhhh-huh!

Can you tell I'm so over large chain stores for my materials? :) Te he he.

OK, so the truth is I've only been to this store twice: once for The Nester's project, another for what you see in this post. But just set your eyes upon the neat textures and prints I've found. Lovely. Pure loveliness.

Last night I tweeted about whether I should go to bed or make some ruffles.

Looks like the ruffles won; Looks like we all won :)

Stay tuned... I'll finish these zipped pouches and then start on the laptop bags!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

PS. Once I reach 100 blog followers I'll do another Gussy giveaway!


Jon and Steph said...

Hey lady! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while! Things have been crazy busy ;)

I definitely want to do a Gussy giveaway soon, I have not forgotten!!

Melissa G. said...

Sigh... your posts make me want to sew something. Preferably with ruffles! But i don't even have a sewing machine!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

I'm in the middle of deciding on my that You have more to come I don't know what to do...a blog about Gussy coming soon!

mom whitley said...

you rock!


hello gussy! i received an award today and i'm passing it onto you! come to my blog and you can pick it up.

{i can't wait to get my lovely labtop bag}

Holley Gerth - (in)courage said...

Good gracious, girl! You are some kind of talented. Love seeing what fabulously cute and creative things you're up to! (: