Thursday, October 8, 2009

{the story of Gussy}

Hi, I'm Gussy -- the girl behind the ruffles.

Hubby and I were married on 06.07.08 and have a darling apartment together. It's big enough to live in and house The Sweat Shop, but it's not too big that we can hide from each other. Darn :)

This blog documents my love for sewing ruffles, as well as my zest for life.

Here is our story:

About 7 months into marriage, Zack and I both lost our jobs. So, in September 2009, after nearly 7 months of unemployment {including 3 job losses}, Zack and I moved to Minneapolis, MN from Detroit, MI. We were forced to really evaluate our lives -- what do we want for ourselves? We chose success, which unfortunately meant moving about 12 hours from family. We have faith in our decision, though.

Since moving, our lives have been crazy-busy as we balance work, Gussy, marriage and meeting new people. I work full-time during the day at a large advertising agency and sew full-time on Gussy in the evening and on weekends. It's a lot of work. Like so much work that I feel like I must have a twin out there. No twin. Just Gussy.

One of the main things Zack and I held on to during this rough employment patch is that we trust whatever God brings our way. We are learning/have learned a lot of things: patience, marital unity, trust and what are talents are truly are {or are not}.

You can follow our story of just how fast we moved to Minneapolis by clicking here.

Now throughout all of that, I learned how to sew. It was back in November 2008 when I found myself at the kitchen table with 30 library books. I had borrowed my parent's sewing machine because I wanted to learn how to sew. These books, along with many online video tutorials, taught me how to sew. I used a little bit of all that I learned to come up with a style of my own.

Learning to sew has been an incredible transformation. I had zero-experience when I started {is that OK to admit out loud?!}, but I had a determined spirit and a big heart for the trade.

And I'm so enjoying this wild love affair!!!

It is now March 2009 and I decided Gussy would be the name of my products. I purchased a handful of embroidered twill tags and began sewing them into the seam. My mom nicknamed me Gussy after Gussy the Goose from Charlotte's Web (2006). The character, as stated on a Ty Beanie Baby tag, "always, always, always has a lot to say, say, say."

Helloooo! That is me
:) Give me your ears and I'll talk for hours!

And so, Gussy was born.
I love to sew and it such a passion. I sew my signature ruffle on everything I make. It is truly an evening passion that I'd love to do full-time some day. For now I'm finding contentment as I pray God will show me what He has planned for Gussy.

If you are considering learning how to sew but don't know where to start, my advice to you is this: Go to the library, checkout a ton of books, read over the basics and JUST DO IT! What can it hurt? What, you're afraid you're going to succeed?

Every minute you doubt yourself is a minute wasted that you can't ever get back.

You can find Gussy here: Shop, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

Please feel free to add me as a friend, I'd love to get to know YOU more! :)


I'm in awe of this chapter of my life. I pray it stays a part of my life for many, many years. Sewing has become a much-needed creative outlet.

It has also brought me some incredibly sweet friends.



Melissa said...

This inspires me. I was just telling my husband that I want a sewing machine, even though I have no idea what I'm doing. =) I think I may ask for one for Christmas!
I love your ruffles, by the way!

Dawn said...

you have THE cutest stuff. I L.O.V.E it!

And you are the cutest too, I just thought I'd say that. My middle name is Maggie. And all Maggie's are adorable.

P.S. I asked for a sewing machine for a wedding gift. I'm getting married in a year and a half and want to make children's clothing to sell! You are such an inspiration for what a little...well, inspiration can do!

Cheers, eh!

mel said...

LOVE your stuff! I am a new follower to your blog (& now twitter). I am SO impressed with your sewing. I can't believe you learned a year ago!!! Wow! That gives me hope...I have wanted to learn how to sew for awhile & I just borrowed my mom's 1967 Singer this week so I can do the scarf along at joy's hope.
Thanks for sharing this story! It give me hope :)

Peach Rainbow said...

Thank You so much for the inspiration!

i have been doing a little bit of sewing using my mom's machine (with her help) but was lacking confidence to do any project on my own.

this year my husband bought me a sewing machine and i want to learn more, like you!

Josey's mom said...

so funny to read your story for I feel like I am reminiscing with you. November last year began my journey but with a crochet hook. In March the etsy shop opened. So good to have found you and good luck to you!

Estelle said...

Just found you through Knack. Love your story. I am currently falling back in love with my sewing machine. We had a falling out about 6 years ago when I attempted to sew in sleeves to a jersey knit top. It was not pretty. Hope this wonderful journey continues for you.

Stefi said...

My sewing is also connected to MN :) I started sewing after I'd moved to Minneapolis.

Janette Wright said...

Just to encourage you. I married 30 years ago, bought a sewing machine as one of our first purchases. I had sewn since age 11. Through 30 years of marriage I have sewn off and on with different businesses I have own. I put the machine away during my top four children's teenyears, but I have brought it out again. You will always enjoy being creative.
Janette Wright

Anonymous said...

Love the drive you have and just adore the gussy name tag.

Very Cute bags.

mommiesgotfivechildren at hotmail dot com

@Buttons and Bows

Melissa Stover said...

i can't believe you've been sewing for such a short amount of time! what a great inspirational story.

Amber said...

I love it!!!! Your so cute, and I love hearing stories like yours. The things you make are so adorable! Good luck...not that you need it!

Heather said...

I admire creative people! Your things are darling. I just linked over from Vintage Pearl. Happy Sewing!

Franchesca Cox said...

Completely inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. I to love to sew and I work a job and have 2 kids. Your story is very inspiring and wonderful at the same time. Keep your faith. Best of everything to you.

Imperfect said...

I've been reading for a bit, but this is the first time I've read your story. And what a neat story it is! My Hubby and I were married on 06.14.08 - just a week after you - and we had to move away from family and friends for work too. Thanks for sharing your passion and your gift with us!

Tammy@InStitches said...

I can't believe you taught yourself how to sew from a book, that's not easy. First time to your blog, I like your stuff !

Anonymous said...

Great story! As a fellow Michigan gal, I can totally relate to your situation. Things are pretty bad here for so many people. I'm so happy you found sewing as a creative outlet! It's been a lifesaver for me!


The Urbanites said...

I've seen your stuff in giveaways on other blogs before, but this is my first visit to your blog. This year I've decided to learn how to sew and hearing your story and seeing the great stuff you're now making is so encouraging! I'm using my mom's old machine and some library books too!

Dana said...

What a wonderful story. I found your blog while reading another one. Love how that happens. I dabble in sewing and making things for my girls myself. Love being creative. Your things are very pretty. Love the ruffles :)

It's All in the Bag said...

What a great story! Necessity brings around great things. My Mom has a great story also. There are so many inspiring women. Your product is really beautiful and very rufflely and I love ruffles too.