Monday, April 27, 2009

This picture was taken in early January when I received my vintage sewing machine. Times were different back then... The Sweat Shop was just starting to understand what, Get out of bed and get to work, Gus! meant ;) In fact, I have put a lot of miles on that baby since then.

Actually, I think my machine finally understood on the eve of February 20th. That is when I lost my job and instantaneously become self-employed. WOO-HOO!

Back then, things were looking a little boring.
Take a look at her first picture:

Awwww. Inexperienced.

Now look at things.
Everything has it's place, well, most of the time.
The room is just full of sewing materials.
I loooooooooove it!!!

A drawer is even missing from a recent fabric photo shoot:

What a pro!

PS. Did you notice my sewing chair matches the fabric on my *new* red couch??? :)

{Ahhhhh, the joys of being a stay-at-home wifey + business owner.}

I just had to photograph what the living room looked like because I am usually the tidiest sewer around. Nine out of ten times I clean up every scrap; toss it to the trash. Some times I feel like I'm a little OCD over the whole thing. But no need to spend any time on that topic...

Never does a piece of scrap fabric call the floor home for more than 2 minutes. I vacuum constantly. I hate seeing a rainbow of thread dancing around the floor. Or on my Slipper Boots ;)

I use my organizing bins and buckets daily. I recently converted a jewelry organizer to hold my buttons, snaps, GUSSY labels, etc.

Do you think I'll get an A+?

I heart buttons:

Most of the time I have a bunch of projects lined up. To start, I'll cut each piece out beforehand, gather all my materials, etc. and then finally get to work like a nice little Gussy sewer {who's very conscientious of time} would. That way when I sit down to sew, I can sit down and sew. I love to have everything ironed, pinned, and ready to go.

I heart a clean work space. I. Heart. It.

However, the following pictures tell the truth about last Friday.

Hubbs was gone.

I was at home, sweating away in The Sweat Shop.


Smiling away, too!

Dirtying things up.

Here is the proof of my busy day at work. Not only did I have a bunch of sales, but I put together three custom orders.
Being a shop owner is the most fun I've ever had working for myself, LOL! Not only do I sew and make everything myself, but I am in charge of marketing, purchasing, organizing, loving my job, answering e-mails, billing, and loving my job. Not too shabby, 'eh?

The photo shoot:

Now that I've had some time to look at things, I think I have a problem with the O. word. ORGANIZATION. Even while trying soooooo, so, so hard to make a mess, things were still in order.



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Rebecca Louise. said...

Man you look so organised!!! That desk is pretty neat! xxx.