Friday, July 18, 2008

Things are moving along nicely... I think.

Zack and I finally have the weekend together at home, in Lansing. I'm very, very, very, very, very, very, very excited about this. I think it's our first weekend here since the wedding... whew. It's pretty awesome being married to Zack. Tomorrow we are going to the pool (yes!) and that is all we have planned. It is going to be great :). We have a lot of exciting (and scary) things coming up in the very near future. If you'd like to know more, please e-mail me ( but I can't give out any news here... it's a secret! :) Work is going OK, it's frustrating that I can't get anywhere with my career goals while employed there, so I'm trying to do my best at being thankful I have a job. I have a few people dear to me that had some horrible job changes come up on them. UGH.

Good fact of the week: I seem to have found my curls again.
Bad fact of the week: I was grumpy more times in the AM than I should be.


PS- there was a dragon, aka. a bug/spider/yuck, on the wall so I called Zack over to take care of it for me... I heard him laugh. "It was a firefly," he said. "I squeezed it and it's butt lite up.

Goodnight :)

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deb DeHaan said...

Hey Maggie and Zach,
Ah, newlyweds!! I'm still dying to know what the big secret is. Hmmm. Dare I even guess? Your wedding was beautiful as were both the bride and groom. I wish I could have stayed for the reception. The yearbook is once again completed. This year it is all in color. We reduced the number of pages by about 18 and reduced the size (from an 8 to a 7 - hopefully it won't be that noticeable). We just got back from an awesome 2-week trip to Alaska. We traveled by motor coach, rail, boat and ended the trip with a five-day cruise through the Alaskan narrows. What a trip! I am now recovering from a lot of togetherness (Nate and Kels also went with us). I'm sure you and Zach are loving being married since you are no longer separated by distance. Ah, true love!! Hope you are enjoying some down time together. Hope to hear from you soon.