Monday, December 29, 2008

{home re-decor}

Last night was just so perfect. After we had the car unpacked and locked up for the evening, Zack set out to the garage for some "man time" and I stayed in and just smiled the entire evening. I put some "Christmas" decorations away {aka: Santa and reindeer sleigh} and rearranged other things.

I love our house so much. It is such a reflection of who we are and our lives joined together. Zack has such an eye for style. I hope he doesn't mind that I'm sharing that ;o) He really does, though! We'll go to the store and he'll pick up some {awesome} earrings that I just don't think would look good on me. But I put them up to my ear instead and OF COURSE they are just fantastic. Or like when we were picking out paint and he said, Let's paint the kitchen bright yellow. And all I could think was, Honey, I'm going to be in the kitchen 98% of the time, and we don't need our dinner tasting nasty {a lot of people would find out} because I've gone blind. But instead, after dating for almost four years, I said OK and we painted the kitchen yellow. Wait. Backspace. I painted the kitchen ;o)

And now, I seriously love our kitchen. We rent our house and so the kitchen floor came carpeted. So... it needed some Sass. So... Zack picked out the Sass. {Great job Z.} I just checked through our Picasa picture page and decided as a SIDE NOTE I need to put some new pics up of our house. They are old {three months is old!}. I'll do that soon!!!

I came home from my parents with all these amazing gifts. I had to give them a home in our house. My parents gave me a Yankee Candle jar candle {Vanilla Lime}...

My brother and sister-in-law gave me this AWESOME four-piece mixing bowl set with matching lids. Each bowl has a contrasting color inside. Check it out:

I was so excited to find in the mail this season so many Christmas cards. They trickled in daily and since my bookshelf was getting so full I asked Zack to hang them on the wall via string. I decided it not only looks cool, but it's a great reminder of all the wonderful people in our lives :) They might just hang until summer. We can replace them with birthday cards, LOL.

Again, Zack had a great decorating idea. Hang the string just above the trim near the ceiling so when we take it down we won't see the nail holes. Genius!!! ;o)

Hmmm... what else did I do last night?

We rearranged our bed and nightstand, added another lamp so we can both have a reading light, LOL. We put some wedding pictures in this beautiful {!!!} frame made by my maid of honor. She took a vertical picture frame with three window-matt slots and filled the matt board with ALL KINDS of short stories and words that reflect on our {me and Zack} relationship. It is such an amazing and heart-felt gift. We love it. Now that we have prints, it's going on the wall.

I'm sure all of this is a little confusing without some pics. I'll get on it!!!!!!

I've become very found of this decorating website. Check it out... what do you think? AHHHmazing! Makes me want to go home and get crazy!!!

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