Thursday, December 4, 2008

Something very strange just happened to me. You see, I was on the phone with my hubby, and we were talking about the possibility of me getting some bangs cut. I told him I had done ALL the research and this was clearly a brilliant decision. See the picture below for a bang-style example. So back to my story. I told Zack I had called a salon near my parents (we are visiting this weekend). They have some open time slots for Saturday morning. It will be $10-12. And so naturally this would fit perfectly into our schedule :) Then Zack did what any typical man would do: Suggest to do something else while I'm at the salon. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It would take just 20 minutes and then we could go out for lunch and celebrate our 6 month anniversary of MARRIAGE :) There wouldn't be time for him to skip away from the salon. Besides, that is just less time we get to spend together in our commitment of marriage and ultimate best-friend forever friendship.

Once Zack realized he was making me sad by talking about skipping out, he did this strange thing. (The purpose of this post, if I could just get to the point).

He said, I'm sorry honey. I don't want to argue with you. If losing this argument means you are going to be sad then I don't want to argue. I want you to be happy. I will go with you to the salon. You are worth losing the argument. I love you.

And then I smiled super big and everything was perfect again :)

Ha ha, I'll tone it down. But really, it was this amazing, perfect scenario that I never saw coming during the phone call. So that is reason # 296 while Zack is the perfect person. He is such a charmer. GO ZACK. I heart you :)

A big SHOUT OUT to my cousin, Taylor, for letting me use her beautifully cut bangs and the sample for what I am going for:
PS. A few noteworthy things:
  • The salon I'm going to is called Attitudes. How perfect for this 30% Sassy girl?!?!
  • The 30% Sassy comes from the quote "You are 70% nice, 30% sass." Said by my husband. He was just being honest, though...
  • I am out of thoughts already.


ZWhit said...

Miguel, You are outrageous.

Sometimes I have to pick my battles. Tonight I chose to lose this one in order to bring out the 70%.

You rock. I love you.

Maggie Whitley said...

lol... that's all ;)