Wednesday, December 3, 2008

He made me worry over Meatloaf!

**Update: I have researched a bit more and found out 1.) Darrel Petties has a 38-member choir, 2.) and his choir, SIP, stands for "Strength in Praise." How awesome is that?!?! :)

Is anyone else having a super easy time listing off things they'd just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have for Christmas? Because... I am right with you! :) It's not that I'm full of "wants" or anything... I just have a nice collection in my brain of, oh, roughly thirty things I'd gratefully accept. Nothing I "need," (except all those warm tops I asked for), but more so just pretties. Because if you recall from yesterday's post, this Christmas season isn't about RECEIVING, it's about giving your heart to Jesus. And you should give your heart to Jesus daily, might I add ;) I think I should clarify. I am not being greedy. Please don't start to wonder/assume/worry, etc.

I found out who sings the THANK YOU JESUS song, if anyone was curious. It is Darrel Petties and SIP (not sure what SIP is). I actually used my internet researching skills and e-mailed the radio host. I had another learning moment: I misspelled her name. It's Shannyn (not Shannon). I'm sorry :(

Here are some more things I learned yesterday (man, such an educational 24-hours):
  • My husband loves, loves, loves Italian Style Meatloaf
  • Zack is grateful I taught him how to make a bed. And have it look pretty
  • If Zack could change anything about his life, he would want me to make more Meatloaf
As we were eating dinner I whipped out the If You Could Change Anything question. Haha... turns out Zack's answer wasn't so bad. I mean, he could have said Well I wish you didn't talk so much. Oh my gosh ---that would have been devastating. But let's remember that IS something he loves about me. He has admitted it many times ;) Or, Zack could have said he wishes I didn't cook dinner practically every night. Or that I am organized and remember everything like where he left his hat, wallet, keys, favorite pair of jeans, and... Or that I have a really great memory. See previous sentence. Because any of those things would mean I married a crazy man. And that is NOT what I asked for when I prayed for Zack to propose.

Wait. I should get back on track.

ANYWAYS. Once I asked Zack "the question," it went silent for a minute. Well, it was silent in the room, but my head was racing to guess what his answer would be. I started to wonder if I really was doing something he wanted me to stop doing.

And then he came out with it.

"I'd like you to make more of this Meatloaf."


Saved by my mad cooking skills. I tried explaining that I didn't INVENT the recipe, I simply used my reading skills and direction-following skills to recreate The Loaf. But then Zack said another funny thing. Yeah, but not everyone can do that.

Ohhhh, he is so good for my ego ;)

So how has your Christmas shopping been? I have just a few things to buy... Are you looking for some local gift ideas? Have you thought about purchasing a pair of earrings? I'm sure a few of you know where this is going...

I have been working hard to keep my collection going strong. I made three new pairs this week. Tonight I will photography the new pairs. Here are a few that have been added recently---

Try this pair,

And this one, too.

Here is another neat gift idea ;)
If you would like a whole page of "made by Maggie" items, you can always click here. I also updated the images to my Picasa page.

I think that is all for today. I have lots to do tonight while Zack is gone for a work event. I'll be sure to share my new earrings real soon :)

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