Sunday, January 18, 2009

{My car is in TIME OUT}

Yesterday was an adventure. To say the least. I met my mom in Lansing {where Zack and I used to live} and we were going to spend the day together laughing, talking {of course!}, shopping and having lunch. While we did all those things, we also spent a lot of time in her car {and Jo-Ann's} waiting for Geico and a local tow truck company to meet us in the parking lot. You see, my car acted as if it was dying. And I was really sad :( I tried telling my car KNOCK IT OFF, and I keep FRESH air freshener in here, what more do you want? But nothing worked. The CV joints needed to be replaced, and we knew this like a month ago, but we decided that since we didn't have the cash we hoped my Saturn VUE would be patient with us and wait until we could afford the $350 repair. Ugh. My VUE could only wait so long. And it was quite obvious something else has gone wrong... And that day was yesterday. I was "stuck" in Lansing, my mom lives an hour away, our home is 1.5 hours away... What to do, what to do...
Zack met us in Lansing and brought me home. 

But before any of that STUFF started,  I have some Gussy stories to share :) Get comfy.

My mom and I met at a local restaurant only to discover that they didn't open on Saturday until 3 p.m. It was 11 a.m. OK, change of plans. We went a few stores down and decided The Grand Traverse Pie Co. would be alright. We ordered a coffee and sat down to talk. This is phase #1 of our lunch :) Gussy #1 {that is me} and Gussy #2 {my mom} talked, talked, talked-alked for probably one hour. Then we decided to order lunch. We spent phase #2 talking-alking for another 1.5 hours :) It was lovely :)

Later in the day we went to Hobby Lobby. I don't have one near Ferndale {actually the closet one is in Lansing}. While we were browsing the yarn, I noticed one brand {this is so funny} for knitting things for children, called Little Britches.


You know when I read it I did NOT see the "r". My mom and I laughed so hard. We think Hobby Lobby should not be selling a brand like that. Unless they want us to be naughty and laugh about how wrong that is.

Here is some proof:

One the way home, Zack and I were talking about my car and possible solutions. Luckily we have tomorrow off work as vacation days, so we can drive back to Lansing and deal with my car. Unfortunately, Tuesday will  be here before we know it and I'll have to get to work. Zack said something like this:

When you're on the phone with them, it's OK to add in a little sass, and maybe a tear, because this is an urgent situation.

I would like to declare yesterday as RECORD BREAKING DAY for having Zack's OK to bring more than the allotted 30% while on the telephone. I mean cellular phone. 

Then Zack said this:

Have you ever faked a tear when you were a little Princess? 

I took a second to think this one through. You know I flipped through my childhood like it was a Rolodex.

But Zack had one more question:

Have you ever faked a tear recently?

I decided Hmm. NO COMMENT would be an appropriate answer.

And apparently Zack thought this was all so funny because he burst out laughing.


After being gone yesterday for like 14 hours I decided when I got home it was bed time. I was so exhausted from all the talking and shopping and talking that I needed to just recharge. It's a good thing I got some rockin' sleep because I am now up to EIGHT sales on my Etsy site and have three packages to mail out tomorrow! I am so blessed to have this pastime provide us a little income. It is perfect. I can sew at my desk and Zack can be at his desk doing design work and an online game. We have fun together :) 

I will be adding some new things to my Etsy site, but until then here is a little somethin' somethin', complete with my Hubby's approval ;)

I love that orange and yellow print. It totally reminds me of either wallpaper or bed sheets that my Grandma H. had :)

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