Wednesday, January 7, 2009

{too hot in here!}

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Take a look at this:

Spring styles are here? Uhhhh, how about some Spring weather?!??!

I woke up this morning to about a quarter inch of ice on my car, driveway, and lovely driveway gate. My morning required scraping. Also, my morning was a bit chilly to be wearing that super cute yellow cropped hooded trench found at Gap. For $68. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring it to me. But then again, Easter is a few months away. A little more appropriate for the lighter fabrics to be making their appearance.

However, this morning was a lot better than yesterdays morning, even with all the ice outside.

You see, my husband is pretty awesome. And while he was being pretty awesome it's pretty much an accurate statement when I say that half a jar of pickle juice went on the kitchen floor yesterday.

On the CARPETED kitchen floor.


Because someone thought carpet was indeed the best decision for beauty and price. EXCUSE ME, IF YOU LIVED WITH US YOU WOULDN'T THINK THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!


So while it was a pure accident to have pickle juice-soaked carpet yesterday, it happened. And it was stinky. It is taken care of now, don't worry ;o) But despite the 'lil spill I'm just glad my husband still offered to make my lunch today. Whew. That would have made me sad if I had to get myself ready in the morning {at almost 24-years of age} AND make my own lunch.

Ya see, this morning Zack got up first. I usually am the first one in the shower, so he gets the luxury of being woken up by his wifey. This morning, I wanted to be woken up by him. No alarm clocks for me. So that is what happened.

But what I am also reluctant to share is that my sass today was teetering at, ohhhh, 41%. I now know why I like to be up first. Similar to my lack of lunch-making at almost 8 o'clock in the A.M., it's also a bit hard for me to make complete sentences. I just like to take my shower and enjoy the fact that I am awake and out of my warm bed.

My hubby... he is a different person than me in the A.M. He's all about the song and dance. Well maybe not the dance part, but definitely the singing. And full-on conversation having. Not me. Noooooo, not your Gussy.


Guess what happened last night?!!?!??!

We rearranged the office, brought in my sewing table, and then I spent the next two hours arranging everything. I can't wait to get in there and SEW! I have been making little notes of things I want to make. I am really excited. But I can't share those yet. I'm going to be finishing my scarf today, the one I starting knitting probably a month ago. But don't gasp... it's my first real project and I did it with only three calls to my mom for Knitting 411 Help.


Any suggestions for what I should knit next? Not a scarf... don't say that.

Because it's Spring now! Remember?

I think I'm going to put on my bathing suit when I get home. This sweater I'm wearing is making me HOT!


Elizabeth James said...

The pickle juice on the carpet is soo funny! (Just because we have carpet in the kitchen too and spilling something like that is my worst nightmare.)
The worst we have had is a fork flinging off a plate and throwing jumbalaya everywhere. :)
Carpet is the worst idea EVER!

Maggie Whitley said...

It's such a ridiculous concept. It annoys me... carpet in a kitchen? ugh ;o)