Monday, February 23, 2009

{busy worker bee}

To say that I am unemployed is a false statement. What I prefer is that I'm now self-employed ;) Let me explain...

Before I even woke up for the day, I got up early to open the curtains in our living room. Someone had to think of them at 7 a.m. I decided I would. Then I rested for a bit more in the Master Bedroom before calmly waking up at blank hour. Zack made coffee; I got myself ready. I did some Etsy business (see the self-employment going on?!?!), answered some e-mails, made some phone calls. Then I ventured out to the city of Bloomfield Hills for a work-related shopping trip. I enjoyed my time with Edna (Ida?) and we chatted about how it's OK that the ink in my pen wasn't working when I tried to sign for my purchase... They'll get their money either way, she told me with a bit of sass to her seasoned self.

I liked her :)

Then I drove home, chatted with an old friend, did some more Etsy business, took some photographs, made lunch, sewed --- the list goes on! And look, it's almost 5:30 p.m. and I'm even staying late to finish up some work.

Will you give me a gold star for my Good Job, Maggie chart?!?! ;)

Backing up a bit, when I was chatting with my friend C. earlier today I mentioned that it's a bit odd how relaxed I am that Zack and I are both unemployed. I started to laugh. It's like I'm going through the process backwards, I told her. Am I grieving in a weird way? Maybe. But I'm not losing sleep at night, no one is stressed, Zack and I are having a GREAT time spending so much time together. I look at it as a huge blessing from the LORD. It's possible tomorrow I'll have a totally different outlook on the situation because A.) let's not forget I am female, and B.) the mail will come tomorrow, too, and while today's bills were absolutely reasonable, they aren't always...

We'll see. I just know I'm only supposed to think about today. Tomorrow hasn't come yet.

The focus on this post is how I'm now self-employed. I should get back on track because my boss could come in here and see that I'm blogging instead of working. Oh wait, that's me ;) But I can certainly turn this post back into a work-related post.

Sheesh, look what I made today:

distressed cream COASTERS, brown, blue and green

canvas COASTERS, brown, green and cream

So as God (and this blog!) as my witness, today was a very productive day. Who cares that I now work at home and don't have to drive 20 miles as I commute to work. Who cares that I now walk into my sewing room to work? I certainly don't :) It's quite possible the neighbors have noticed we're not leaving for work anymore. Maybe I should remember the curtains are still opened at an early hour. Maybe they should consider halting the snooping.

That, or I should keep them closed for a bit longer ;)

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daniella said...

Well done, sassy and productive faithful servant, you! I personally think God is up there having one of His bigger Angels bake you a fresh batch of Chocolate chip cookies, for your awesome attitude and efforts. Nonchalante (sp?) should be your new name :-)

Love the coasters! One of these days, I might just have to go on your etsy site and buy a few things. Duh!