Tuesday, February 24, 2009

{shannon + shannon + surprise}

Many times I looked up at the right hand corner of my iMac to check the date today. I swear it was Saturday. Monday, maybe! But Tuesday?!?! How?

Last night my friend Megan came over and we watched The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. We had comments for everything and I totally enjoyed recapping on all the awkwardly funny events thus far. I so wanted Chris to ask Shannon, So, how was your french kiss with your dog? Because if you remember {and honestly, who can not?!} she did say she was going to go home, brush her teeth and give her dog a french kiss.

Now that I've cleared the throw up out of my mouth I can continue.

After The Bach was over Megan and I talked for hours. It was soooo nice to have girl time :)

I tell you the truth when I say I don't even remember what time I went to bed. No clue whatsoever. And then, just like yesterday morning, I woke up around 8 a.m., opened the curtains for my sweet, precious plants and went back to bed!!! Who does that? I know I got my green "I love plants" thumb from my mom, but I know I didn't get the "go back to bed" thing from her. I feel like I'm in college again, skipping class, I mean taking a break from class ;)

Well whatever. I have a semi-interview tomorrow and so I needed my rest. Please pray it goes well and whatever God's plan is for me + employment it will be shown to me LOUD and CLEAR. I like loud and clear messages.


I am pretty excited about this next Gussy story. I ordered some special tags for my Etsy stuff and I heard they are in the mail... Hopefully I'll be able to share the surprise with you all this weekend :) I also designed and ordered some business cards. I was at the dentist today and the hygienist was basically asking if I had a business card {to match my business-like excitement over my shop!}. If you are looking for HIGH quality prints in MEGA FAST time, head on over to OvernightPrints.com. Zack and I ordered our save-the-date wedding postcards from them. And now I'm ordering business cards from them. You can have them design your work or you can upload something you've designed. See, fun for both sides of the design spectrum ;)


While I was at the dentist I felt a bit like Shannon from The Bach. Every time I saw her on TV she had mega globs of lip gloss on. Ev-rey-time. Well, I'm {not-so-excited} to announce that I actually had the hygienist apply Vaseline on my little mouth because all that moving around with the tools and such was really starting to crack my mouth. I remember is asking, You're not video taping this, are you? {Because I looked ridiculous.} In this day of age, you never know when you're getting taped and/or recorded of some sort. I just had to ask.

She said no, by the way.


And... another dentist story:

I have my first cavity ever. I didn't even make 24-years of age :(

I can't talk about this right now...


daniella said...

Are you kidding? By the time I was 24 I lost a tooth (in the back, obviously) because it was too rotten to be saved, and THREE crowns with root canals. The only teeth that never had cavities are my front ones.

Cry me a river, Gussy.

Anywho, maybe I should start being obsessed with my teeth like Shannon, and my mouth will be in better shape. Or maybe I should start taking care of my teeth the way you take care of your plants. Whatev.

Yey for business cards! Now you're REALLY legit.

ZWhit said...

LoL. I had four cavities in my baby teeth, lost those at age 8 (totally made up that number), have had I think 3 put into my bigboy teeth, and I just had four more put in, all-at-once, on Tuesday.

Also, I had all my zombiestomp business cards made on Overnight prints as well. Don't forget about your husband, now, Gussy ;)