Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{this may or may not be my last post for the day}

This Gussy has had so much today. And look, here I am again with more to share. Post #4 officially begins... NOW! :)

Isn't this fabric combination amazing?!!?! I'm doing a custom order for a wallet for my friend, M. I'm pretty excited. I love sewing and fabrics. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fabrics. Turns out I love expensive fabrics ;) $21/yd., to be exact! Anyways. The print will be the base of the wallet, whereas the yellow will serve as an accent. Everyone at the store kept asking, Ohhh, what are you making? And every time I said, A wallet, their eyes lit up and they really knew how beautiful it would be in the end. WOO WOOO!!! :)

So here are the fabrics. What do you think?
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Mandy said...

Well of course I love it!