Friday, April 17, 2009

{30% = a new, pretty necklace?}

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is already a beautiful and perfect day. The sun has risen, the sky is blue, my front lawn is full of fat, cute Robin birdies... I'm loving the day already and it's hardly begun :) Hubby and I woke up at 7am and I immediately jumped to the kitchen.

I know, I know, I didn't think I could fool ya ;)

I did get to the kitchen, but I also took a few minutes before getting out of bed. Sorry if I let you down. That is just how Gussy works at 7am. Just. How. Gussy. Works. I feel like it is a little hard for Zack to understand how a woman of so many words has so little words to share in the morning. I try and explain that Gus needs a recharge, and my recharging time is in the morning. He, on the other hand, wakes up singing songs, beat boxing, I know I've posted on this before. But it hasn't changed so I wanted to share some more :) Some times I tell him, Honey, You are making me tired. Can you please do that quietly? Gussy isn't at the level of loudness yet.

YET. I will be in 63 minutes once I've had a shower. And coffee. And more coffeeeeeee. And then you'll be wondering where I get my energy to talk about all sorts of things like remembering to take out the trash and don't forget your gloves, water bottle, lunch box, pruners, keys, cell phone, and please open the gate because I don't want you to back into it with the car {that hasn't happened yet but it's a nightmare I have once-in-a-while}, the coffee is ready, and by the way what would you like for dinner and the party is tonight so make sure you're ready to go and I also feel it's super necessary I buy this necklace because I have to have it because it will look oh so lovely with so many shirts that I have and it's just THAT KIND OF BAM! that your little wifey needs :)

Did you catch all of that?

I certainly could follow my own thoughts. Could you follow them? ;)

This is the necklace I drool over seven times a day {I'm having a hard time {seriously} not buying this necklace}:

Sorbet Necklace -- $36

A favorite Etsy seller of mine, BrookeMarton, made this and I love pretty much 99.99999% of all her jewelry. They are fun and SO colorful :)

Maybe there is a way I can chit-chat it up with Zack and we can compromise on this. I am not kidding when I say there are at least four shirts I own that I would love to sass-up my outfit with this necklace. Doesn't that seem perfect? Husband, if you are reading this, let me order it. Please? :) My sass has been down to at least 30% these last few weeks. {You know it has!!!}

Maybe...? :)


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Anonymous said...

Beauty of a necklace! I love the colors. And yes, when looking deep into my vocab (sort for vocabulary) I found "sassy" just for you. Haha!

I like sorbet too. Mmmm....