Sunday, April 26, 2009

{baby got back --err, I mean diaper bag}

If this diaper bag doesn't make you want to have a baby... well, then I guess you just don't want to have a baby ;)

This is for my husband's cousin's wife, Jenna. They live in Texas and this is their first baby. Babies rock, don't they? :) ha ha. About a month ago, Jenna e-mailed me and said she was hoping I could make her a diaper bag. She said she wanted something that wouldn't scream, HEY! I'M CARRYING A DIAPER BAG! I hope I made that dream possible for them. {I know I made the dream possible for myself ;)} Before I started looking at fabric I asked her for a little synopsis on herself. She said she loves her Coach and Kate Spade purses; Can you make something to match?, she asked.

Ummmmm, yes!

And with that, we have the OFFICIAL birth of the very first ever diaper bag sewn by Gussy herself. Please note the plastic lining inside the diaper bag... that makes waterproof, baby!

...And here's a napkin for your drool! ;)


Ray said...

How much is this GORGEOUS thing?!

Megs said...

cute! now i know where i'm getting my diaper bag when i get prego :)