Thursday, April 2, 2009

I started working on this bag Tuesday afternoon and it is now complete! I had the intentions of keeping it for myself... but once it was finished I just couldn't keep it for myself! I decided I had to share it :) I can always make one for myself later, right? Right.

This Striped GUSSY Bag is really and truly SO CUTE!!! Because it is something I would LOVE to keep, I put a lot of time and precision into constructing it. I've found making things that I would love to keep for myself is the best way to make something. It ensures the quality and design of the bag. So tell me what you think! I love to hear from you :)

Striped GUSSY Bag --


daniella said...

My oh my! I think it's the perfect spring/summer bag. The best part is that it has a zipper, which is important for clumsy people like me.

Staci said...

soo cute, beachy!!!