Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two things to ponder... one for each hand

1. I am sick as a dog. This is sad for many reasons:

-I can't get a good nights sleep {Gussy loves her sleep}.
-I have Pink Eye {noooo sewing during this time, I promise!}
-I have a reallllly raspy voice + sore throat. Like real raspy. Like I am unrecognizable on the telephone.
-My head hurts and some times I wish Charlie could bite my finger and so the pain would be elsewhere.

Ohhh Charlie... so cute, yet so naughty ;)

Also, being sick means NO SEWING!!! Blah!!! The Sweat Shop has so totally become my BFF these last few months, and being home so much and NOT able to sew is just torture :( Maybe tomorrow I'll wake healed of all my aliments. Maybe? C'mon J.C. -- hook a sista up!

2. Since starting this post I completely forgot what point #2 was. Oh wait. I just remembered :)

Someone from Michigan went to and typed, What is a Gussy? and they were then linked to my blog.

Oh Google, thank you for helping them find their way to my blog. HOWEVER... {there is always a however, right?} I don't appreciate that you tried to correct this person with the phrase, What is a hussy? Maybe you didn't think I'd see your suggestion, but I did, and I'm a tiny bit offended. I like to TALK not, ahem. Yeah... I'm sure they meant to push down on the G key instead of the H key. So thanks for your suggestion, but no thanks :)

Ahhh, website tracking devices, they make life fun. Ha ha.

I'm going to relax now. I'm hoping tomorrow can be a lovely, high-excitement day filled with sewing and ironing. And ya know, other non-hussy activities ;)

PS. The Easter Bunny came to my parents house early for me and Zack. He brought me a candle {woot!} and some lip gloss {double woot!} and Zack got a Menards gift card. And there was chocolate. Chocolate :) Aren't we fun? LOL. Can't you tell we have different priorities/interests? :) I LOVE IT!!!!!!! THANKS MOM & DAD!!!


ZWhit said...

First: I'm glad your activities are non-hussy ones.
Second: Thanks Mom & Dad??? I thought you said something about the Easter Bunny..?

daniella said...

If you come to my house, the cutest Charlie in the world will bite your finger. But I really think she'll just give you tight hug and a kiss.

I hope I keep getting Easter baskets even when I"m 70.

Hope you feel better soon!