Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{I'm not tee hee hee-ing anymore}

Part I
{not knowing Part II would happen later}:

In celebration of Earth Day I am high-lighting my hair at home.
Ohhhhh, Gussy... she's somethin'!

Part II:

Ya know, I should have known things were going all too well when I started pulling my hair through the cap's many holes. I'm afraid I uploaded the pictures and added a cute caption above all too soon.

You see, there I was in my bathroom, enjoying some music, sooooo proud of myself for rising at 8am AND going to the local drug store to pick up a box of my favorite high-lighting kit. Ohhh, L'Oreal, you are somethin' now.

As I stood there in front of the mirror pulling my dirty {literally} blonde hair through the cap, many thoughts ran through my mind:

Gus! You're doing such a great job.

Remember to pull through every other hole. You know what happens when you don't...

This is going faster than last time. Yay.

Don't forget to fold the laundry.

Why, at this rate, I'll be done in no time... Then I can start sewing. I love to sew...


I took ONE itty-bitty break because my arms were getting tired and I think that is where the world began to take advantage of me. I know it is Earth Day. I know I should probably have picked a different day to play with chemicals in my home. But I didn't. I forgot about the holiday and I was instead celebrating another opportunity to be a sassy blonde. I also know I'm not the only woman here on this green earth to be coloring her hair today. So... I end my case.

I did one final check to make sure I had pulled enough hair through the cap. I read through the instructions and noticed I was missing something. Uh oh. I was missing the tube of Toner Rinse. All I could think was, HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME??????

OK, I get it.
Another moment that proved all I could think about was myself on Earth Day.

After seriously considering about eight different solutions to this problem I finally pulled on my big girl panties and headed out IN PUBLIC with a winter hat on that is pink, green and yellow and has little fuzzy balls hanging from the strings. I was hoping it would give me a little glow to my cheeks that says, Yeah, I like to wear a fuzzy hat in the spring. I hoped for something cute to distract the not-so-cute thoughts I was having.

Oh, I have one more excuse: I needed something to mask the strings that were dangling from my high-light cap.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, what a day, what a day. And it's not quite Noon... {No wonder I don't go out in public this early. See what happens? I digress.}

Three more minutes and I'm back at CVS. I grab the last box on the shelf, approach the counter with the Toner Rinse in hand, and tell her, I need this Toner Rinse. It didn't come with the kit I bought 2 hours ago and I'm mid-process high-lighting my hair. I NEED THIS. So I'm going to take it. Here is my receipt showing I bought this product earlier this morning. I'm going home to finish what I started. Thanks. Here is a free smile: :)

Then I ran out to my car, drove home hitting all the green lights, and threw that darn whipped bleach creme on my hair.

And now, the world's problems are fixed. On Earth Day.

How perfect ;)

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