Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{Twitterbook Etsyerrrrrr}

Hello, hello :)

The internet offers so many opportunities for advertising: Facebook, Twitter, an abundance of blog websites, you get the picture. In hopes to continue advertisements for my Etsy shop, I'm making a few changes around here {like a good Gussy would :)}

First, I'm on Twitter! Did you know that? You can follow me, read my updates {which will focus almost entirely on my Etsy shop}, or just plain ignore that I'm a Twitterer. Whichever option you choose, it's entirely up to you. I like to have options, so I'm giving some to you, too! ;) There is also a link at the top right {the very top!} of my blog where you can click to find my Twitter page. Go ahead and check it out...


Another update is that I loooooooove to do custom orders and the last dozen or so of my Etsy orders have been custom orders! It is amazing, awesome, challenging -- so great!!!

Have you checked out my shop lately? If you have, maybe you've noticed that I've been putting little updates in the Shop Announcement section to help viewers see what Gussy has been up to. If you guessed I've been doing custom orders, then you win! :) Ha ha.

I know all this new found excitement might be too much, but... bear with me. I'm trying to draw more attention to my Etsy shop. Therefore, if you friend me on Twitter you can experience some pretty awesome stuff.

Like what?, you ask.

Here's what you do:
  • Friend me on Twitter,
  • Message me ON ETSY about an item {or items} you want from my Etsy shop,
  • I will set up the custom listing for you,
  • I'll send you any one order with FREE SHIPPING. Just remember to be sure to send me a message through Etsy :)

Trust me, I understand if now isn't the right time to purchase from Gussy's Etsy shop. I'll still be super excited if you simply add me as a friend :)

Alright... that's all I have to share. The Sweat Shop resumes ;)

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ZWhit said...

Good one babe. You rock.