Thursday, April 9, 2009

{tag! + carrots + watermelon clutch}

My sweet friend Daniella from Learning to Love Every Moment tagged me the other day. I was supposed to take a picture of myself, no primping, etc. and then tag a few other people. Well... I kinda forgot to do that :-\ So this morning {while I had a few minutes to get myself ready} I REMEMBERED. Soooooooooo, here is my picture. No judging or laughs, friends. Gussy is just trying to follow the rules. This is me and my wild hair. Love me as a whole, or don't {and miss out on the stories}.

Next, to follow the rules and all, I am going to tag a few people: Nikki, Megan, Mandy and Sarah. Girls, don't let me {or my hair} down :)


My day has hardly begun and already I've shared a few good laughs with my cousins. You see, I'm babysitting. I'm a woman of many... umm... abilities? I sew. I cook. I talk. I launder. I sleep. I play with my cousins. Sorry, back to the story! This morning I was sitting at the table with my cousin W. and her friend J. They were eating a hot dog, a strawberry, carrots... and, that's it.

W. said to me, I like carrots. They make me strong.

I said, YEAH! They are really good for your eyes, too!

I felt proud... Amidst breakfast we had a little session of learning. However, J. totally whooped me when she said, I can see you need to eat more carrots.


I guess my glasses were the #1 clue that my eyes aren't as good as hers.

I should have stopped there, but I couldn't help but ask just one more question: So, what else do you want to tell me?

J. replied, You have big eyes. Like real big eyes.


Nothing further ;)


:: new Etsy item ::



Megs said...

i love the green ruffle - so cute!!

looks like i'm actually going to have to write a new blog soon. or i could just post my picture without any explanation, hah.

daniella said...

Aw, yeah. I'm digging the watermelon clutch. I'm digging the hair and look on your face too. Sassy thang! How old are your neices/nephews?

Nice job keepin' it real. But you never really had a problem doing that, did you?

Nikki said...

A few things.

1. Love the hair!!!
2. Why were they eating hot dogs for breakfast?!!? woof!
3. your stuff is getting cuter and cuter... I can't handle it anymore!!!!

. Becca . said...

Love the ruffle! Cute cute cute!!!!!

Your hair is adorable. ;)

Anonymous said...

love the new clutch!

and p.s. love the hair!!! :) seriously even wild and crazy cant make you ugly!!!