Saturday, May 23, 2009

{no title. shredding is taking all things from me, literally}

I'd like to write this post with a little letter that resembles a 7th grade love note:

Dear Jillian, Although your popular workout, 30 Day Shred, has proved to be so full of results, tonight we aren't on good terms. I truly had a wonderful day with hubbs. We relaxed at the house for the morning and afternoon, then decided to not be Ikea virgins anymore and ventured to Canton, MI to tour their amazing warehouse. I mean store of "I want..."

Anyways. Once we spent four hours there we decided to go home. Maybe this was because I was starting to sound like a whining 4-year-old instead of an almost-24-year-old, but that is besides the point. The point here is that I was so tired when we got home that I did not want to work out. Not. At. All.

However, I did.

Go ahead, you can smile.

However, I did not smile {or laugh} during your workout. Tonight was Day 2 on Level 2 and it was pretty tough. I believe it was harder than Day 1 on Level 1. That is saying something.
However {again}, I completed the 20 minute workout with more 30% sass than I've ever experienced in my life. Not only were my legs on fire, but I have a strained muscle in my hammy, my hair is a hot mess and I could hardly breathe.

Also... I found no humor in this workout. Which is sad. I typically enjoy your jokes.

Chop, Chop!

To end things on a positive note I would like to thank you for the loss of bulk in my face {I sure am lady-like, huh?} and for the slimmer body. Today I tried on a skirt and could ALMOST zip it up after three years of not wearing it. So that was a nice feeling.


PS. See you tomorrow night.

PSS. I'll give you
one smile. But that's all. Remember, your workouts are minimizing my bust.

OK, that's enough "pretty" for Gus. She's just too tired.


ZWhit said...

LOL. O my gosh!


Oh, boy... hahaha

*wipe tears from my laughing eyes*

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Keep going with the shred! good work gussy! You can do it. Love the mini wallets too. Have a great weekend!