Friday, May 29, 2009

{new Charming Gus wallet + a contest!}

My MOH {maid of honor} visited me a few weeks ago and she came bearing gifts. One gift was a bottle of wine {woo-hoo!}, another gift was two cuts of fabric {BIG woo-hoo!}. I loved everything. Oh, and she also brought a handful of super cute buttons.

Gussy hearts buttons, if you didn't already know that ;)

PS. Look at all my GUSSY tags. Oh, I heart them sooooooo much! By the way, if you're interested in custom embroidered labels, may I please direct you to Mel's Etsy shop? That is where I buy mine. Great service, great work. Thanks Mel!

Alright, back to the drawing board.

What does that even mean?

I think it means, Get back to work, Gus! or maybe even, Stay on task, Gus!


You guys are a tough crowd to sell.

{Why do I always have conversations with myself on here...?}

Alright. I was talking about fabric and buttons from my MOH. I have been staring at this one particular print for ages now {I mean weeks} and finally decided to play around with it. I cut pieces for a Lovely Gus clutch {still needs to be sewn together} and whipped up a new Charming Gus wallet. Check the wallet out below. I love it. And the textured button ;)


Charming Gus -- Nature Wallet


Just for fun:

Charming Gus -- wallet without ruffles

Ruffle Gus -- wallet with ruffles

Mini-Gus -- coin purse. most likely has ruffles

Lovely Gus -- clutch

Gussy'd Up -- make-up bag

GUSSY bag -- large {or slightly smaller} purse

Sassy Gus -- just kidding. this doesn't exist. yet...

Here is where I need help from all of you :)
I have designed a work/laptop bag and need to give it a name. Please leave a comment if you think of something that will flow with the theme of my Etsy shop.

Here is a sample of one:

Maybe I'll do something extra fun, like whoever comes up with the best name for my work bags will receive 20% off anything in my shop. Will that twist your creative minds?!?!

Consider this my first contest.

Ready, set, go!


In conclusion {haha... when does Gussy ever conclude?!?!},

Need a custom order? Need multiples of something? Want something?!?!

Give me a shout-out -- I'll sew you a custom order :)


Nikki said...

Workin' Gus
Gus for Work
Hustle Gus
Jobbin' Gus

My personal favorite: Something that includes SASS because God knows I am sassy at work. (chuckles.) Maybe Sass for Work or Sassin' Gus or Sassafras Gus

MLG said...

How about Creative Gus, Freelancin' Gus, Careerin' Gus, Professional Gus, Designing Gus...

Just a few. Great idea. Love the bag. I have so many things running through my head that now I am adding one more....thanks a lot...I will never sleep. :)

I'll keep thinking!

Bernice said...

I knew there was something I forgot to do before bed!

Business Gus
9-to-5 Gus
Gus on the go

Now I can sleep :)

Anonymous said...

Take Gus to Work Day
Whistle While You Gus
The 9 to 5 Gus
Get Your Gus in Gear
Gus Works Hard for the Money
Gus While You Work

I followed Nikki with the multiple idea idea. Ha! Love the nature Gus. You are so talented.

Happy weekend. Day 4 Shred day. I did not forget.

Elizabeth James said...

Accomplished Gus
Practical Gus
Productive Gus
Essential Gus

haha, it was kinda fun thinking up names for ya. My favorite is Productive. :)

Anonymous said...

Work It Gus!

MLG said...

I have a few more...

Work it Gussy Work it!

Think Gus Think

Workin' Hard Gus

Cassie said...

I was thinking "Classy Guss"... Since it could be used for work.

ZWhit said...

Since I'm your husband, if I win, you can pass the 20% off to a person who needs it more than I. Or I could use it to buy one for my GF Maggs.


The Daily Gus
Distracting Gus
Project Gus
Will work for Gus
Gussin' for the Weekend
Prolific Gus
Laptop-aptop ;) didn't think I even knew what "prolific" meant...sheesh.