Sunday, May 24, 2009

{the surprise... REVEALED!}

Recently, my friend Sarah's husband contacted me about making something special for her for their two year anniversary. He really liked this wallet and wanted a purse to coordinate. Actually, I'm almost positive he said something like, Can you make a purse? And Gussy just knew how to sew up something special for Sarah that would coordinate but not be too matchy.

About one week ago I posted {shhh...} Gussy's working on something special! Remember that? If not, I shared this discreet pic:

I have always wanted to start making more purses. I've made two, this one sold a while ago and this one is still for sale. I absolutely love the purses sold at Target. Now that I'm sewing I can't really get away with drooling over them because as Zack says, Just go home and make one.

Instead of copying Target and their oh-so-amazing handbags, I decided to draw up my own pattern and make something unique. Like I did with my clutch design. Which, by the way, I will soon have a clutch in the above print.

Back to my story. Gussy hearts unique. After a few hours of sewing I found myself holding this gem. I absolutely love it. And, thankfully, so does Sarah :)


Sarah & Ted! :)

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