Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Gussy really has a lot to say today...
That was your only warning ;)


I would like to introduce to you the lovely Kara Rosenberry. Kara is a designer that offers custom wedding invitations and other fun paper products {like note cards, post cards, and stickers}. Kara has been in business for 5 years now and recently open an Etsy shop. Kara also has a blog where she shares her new items. Please do me a tiny favor by checking out her shop and blog. Thanks :)

Recently, Kara asked me to make her a GUSSY wallet. Of course I said, YES!!!!!!!!

Here is the final product:

16 debit/credit card slots:

A little sass for the backside ;)


My poor house. Never has it had such lack of Tender Loving Care as it has this past week. Poor me; Gussy has let things get out of control. Like the dusting and bathroom-cleaning. And there are only 2 of us living here!!! But you know what? Gussy has been busy. With The Sweat Shop. And custom orders. And kicking the car when Zack isn't looking.

Kicking the car?

Oh, yes.

Roughly 2 weeks about my car puked out on us while we were on our way to meet with a financial adviser. Ohhh, that is an odd coincidence! I have this strong urge my car was trying to tell us, Think you need financial advice? Try THIS! Umm, not funny car.

Then POW! The transmission went out. Or died. Or however you technically describe a bad transmission.

So Gussy cried a few tears.

Then I decided to be a big Gus and just use our other car for all my important errands as a stay-at-home business/sass owner.

Until that car started acting up and not starting on me during various errand runs including, but not limited to, JoAnns, my secret fabric store, and Biggby Coffee.

While at first this "no starting" thing really bothered me I've now resorted to more mature way of dealing with the daily stress it brings me: I kick the tires. Yup, I'm a kicker.

Zack, if you are reading this I only kicked the tires once or four times but have never, ever kicked any other part of the car.

Anyways, I have to admit I've learned a few things recently while driving a temperamental car.

First of all, if you are at JoAnn's and need someone to help you jump start your car, don't ask their manager on duty. They are "busy" and can only leave the store for a smoke break.


Secondly, I know not to touch the ends of the cables when one set is hooked up to a car.

Thirdly, I know how to open my husband's car hood. {This is big achievement}.

Fourth{ly?}, I know once you attach an end thingy to one of the points in the car you need to really grind it back and forth to ensure a strong connection.


Gussy is having real life adventures here, all the while surprising herself for not going over the 30%/70% allotment. Ok, maybe once I went over. But that was ONE TIME! So while we patiently wait to save 3 gajillion dollars to buy a new transmission I am learning to only go places where I can walk home if need be. That limits me to the Post Office and the bank, ha ha.

Not ;)


Yesterday, while sewing away, I heard some men outside the window talking about the fence they were installing for my neighbor. While they sure made a lot of noise outside, it suddenly stopped when someone in charge walked over to inspect their work said, You put that in the wrong way.

The noise ceased, they packed the truck, and they were gone for the rest of the day.

Yesterday's lesson: Why fix it when you can just leave?

PS. They haven't been back today... yet.


I'm afraid to say I'm thisclose to saying, No more custom orders until further notice. I have sooooo much work that I'm having trouble balancing new work for my shop with everything else going on. Not to mention the housework ;) But I truly doubt I'd say, No more, because it is just too much fun sewing and making cute things. Like this:

Mini-Gus -- Garden Pink


Continuing all things positive ;)

My Spider Plant is GROWING ME A BABY!!!!!!!!!! wooooo hooooo

My mom {Gussy #2} gave me the gift of a green thumb. And by green thumb I mean I plant something green and water it weekly and boom! Plants growing galore ;) While house plants are important {I should know, I have, oh, 6 {soon-to-be 7} in my house}, there are much more exciting things like talking, laughing, being sassy, and sewing to do. Which is why I'm glad I only need to spend a few minutes each week caring for my plants. Oh shoot, I forgot a few: cooking, eating, and hugs.

As I was saying before I interrupted myself...

This particular Spider Plant is dear to my little heart because it came from an awesome year-round farm market in Lansing, MI called Horrocks. I bought it when I moved there about 1.5 years ago. It quickly grew. Then it made me a baby. {Good job.} Then I cared for the baby, nurtured it while it grew, and finally planted it in a pot. I have been sitting on 2 Spider Plants since FOREVER!!!

...Patiently waiting for another baby to grow.

Looks like my prayers have been answered.

This is my first plant, from my Lansing apartment:
See the cute baby hanging down? :)

This is the current baby. It is very tiny. Can you spot it??? One day very soon it will drop down and then I will be able to put it in a dish of water where it will grow me some pretty little roots :)

How about spotting the baby in this picture? {Hint: It is almost center, but to the upper right.}

Once the Spider Plant baby has roots I can put it in a pot of rich soil where it will grow even more. Yippee :) I looooooooooove plants.


This is a miniature Palm Tree that I split in half with my maid of honor {MOH} Jessica. We split this plant... oh... maybe 2 years ago? I can't remember. Gussy has a lot to say... not remember, ok? ;) Anyways, I love this plant because it constantly reminds me of my MOH and our great memories together. That is a story for another day, however ;)

Here the Palm Tree is brand new and rather small {in my Lansing apartment}:

Here it is currently, growing rapidly and overpowering the corner of my living room. WHICH I LOVE!!! And the picture of me and hubbs.

Calling all wedding guests -- do you remember where the Z & M pieces were in our wedding?

OK, I'll tell you: THE CAKE!!!!! :)


That's a wrap!!! :)


daniella said...

That's a baby? I would have thought it's a weed and pulled it out. This is why I have absolutely NO plants in my house...because now I know they choose to commit suicide after I killed their baby. Oh dear.

I'm glad to hear you're so busy, but it stinks that your car is being such a putz. You need an assistant...a free on at that. Hang in there! Praise God the sweat shop is doing good!

P.S. Do you have a PayPal account or something? I don't write checks but I'd like to finally pay for MY custom order. How do I go about doing that? I'm too paranoid to send cash in the mail.

{kara} said...

Hello my dear. I love my wallet so much. Love that you did pink and blue for the buttons. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to receive it! Sounds like you have a lot going on over there! Loved the pics of your plants. You are so fun. Oh and thanks for the shout out...
:) kara

Elizabeth James said...

Cute wallets! I hope your car problems get fixed.. I hate cars...really I do. I walk almost everywhere, for now at least ;).

Nikki said...

you never write about gussy-gus-gus time :( i feel used.