Friday, June 26, 2009

{cut, iron, sew, iron, NEXT!}

I'm done with my re-stocking project. Who knew stocking the shelves of my Etsy shop could be so time consuming?!?! I finished this afternoon and I'm very, very relieved to have this taken care of. So. Very. Relieved.

Earlier last week, I went through my shop and realized I had about 15 things that I'd re-listed without making new. These things also happened to be photographed in the old style {without the cream pillow or on the same angle as the newer items}. Remember a few weeks ago I re-shot all my items so they would have the same photographic angles? Yeah. That is another project I'm thankful to have tackled :) So last week it was time to re-stock. Because I was a little -- or a lot -- behind.


Last week I decided to make a list and start up The Sweat Shop. It was a great idea and I was very productive at first, but then life came knocking so I had to stop for breaks here and there.

Once I got back on the Sweat Shop wagon, things continued to move along nicely.

I didn't realize how much work it would be {which makes no sense at all since I have certainly done this before} to re-stock.

First, I cut, cut, cut fabric.

Then I ordered materials.

I ironed.

My sewing machine sang to me all day. And now, thankfully, it's all done!

Well, at least the wallet section is done. I still need to make 3 clutches. That is nothing compared to 11 wallets, right? ;) I'm truly hoping after this last round I get a better hold of things. Maybe I need a secretary? Hmmm. Maybe not.

It's quite possible the delay in production is my fault.

It's possible.

Earlier this week I just couldn't take the way the sewing room/office was organized and pleaded Zack to help me re-arrange the room. I even told him, If you help me get the dresser out I'll do the rest.

But because my husband rocks and is awesome and always, always, always is eager to help me with something {xoxo Z!}, we did it together. I thought for sure he'd roll his eyes, since re-arranging is one of my favorite things to do. Instead, he just smiled and said, What's your plan, babe? Or something equally cute.

I mean tough.

I figured out where everything could go for the new plan and so on Wednesday we went to work.

Before, I felt so cramped sitting at the sewing table. There was hardly any room to talk. I mean cut fabric and sew.

And, I was practically sitting in Zack's lap -- and while it sounds like fun, Gussy had a hard time.

The new layout has me at one end of the room and Zack at the other.

The room is rectangular, so it works much better this way :) I also put my computer on a different desk. No more distractions. And, now I have yards and yards of table space to sew on ;)

Look at all those ruffles! I love them!!!

Nothing like having your name on mega repetition :)


Here are the wallets, shown individually. You can see more details by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Way to work it Gus! I love the little square blue button in one of those pictures! That is a beautiful button! Your work looks as good as ever! Such a hard worker bee!

Amber said...

LOVE the ruffles on those!!

Anonymous said...

Wow your clutches are amaziiiing! How did you decide which template to use? or did you just go with it till you figured out what you loved? My sister has me making eco-friendly kids scarves and I would like to get into making something for people like myself and I love your work!!! any tips???

JAMIE GRAY said...

I'm very impressed with your sewing abilities!!!