Sunday, June 28, 2009

{I have a love for many things on Etsy.}


Because, ya know, who doesn't love Etsy? ;)


FlutterbyDaisy has the most darling dress for sale on her Etsy shop. You must check out her shop! And yes, that is an order from Gussy :) I love the green, yellow, and OF COURSE THE RUFFLES!!! xoxo.


GUSSY is a proud owner of BrookeMarton jewelry! YEAH! My wonderful friend, Nikki, bought me a BrookeMarton necklace as an early birthday present. So, with all that said, I want to tell you to buy this from Brooke! My piece is absolutely beautiful, just as this is. I love the green and blue, the different shapes, yeah! :) Beautiful!


I don't have any cute kiddos {just cute nephews} but I already know these Playground Scavenger Hunt cards are awesome! I want a set just so I can play "I Spy"! Check out their Etsy shop -- Blynkenandnod definitely has a great thing going -- these are a great idea!!!


This Happy Hippo Sculpture is the cutest. EVER! It's pretty unique and I love it for that :) Head over to BunnyWithaToolBelt's Etsy shop and see for yourself what else there is! I have already found a handful of cute little animals to love on.


I LOVE THESE BOBBY PINS! And not just because they're our wedding colors ;) Citrus Hair Pins by MiaBeads. I think they would be lovely in my hair, ha ha.


Gussy hearts colorful things. Like her orange walls, red couch, white wooden tables, brown ottoman, and so on. I also love this blue picture frame. It would look fabulous in my living room. MadeByMavis {love the name, BTW} has this frame listed in her Etsy shop. Nice work, Mavis :)

PS. I hope your name is Mavis...


Although it is finally summer and I am absolutely loving, loving, loving the heat and sunshine, I'm also absolutely loving these slippers. MUAH! I just know my name is written on a size 6.

A big ROCK ON! to FrenchPressKnits for these slippers. I heart them :)

So, what is your favorite? You better say it's the slippers. Or the Playground cards, or the...


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I like that hippo!