Wednesday, June 10, 2009

{SALE items + new pictures}


Five Second Distraction:
A five-second glimpse of something of high value.
Or, a five-second glimpse of something visually interesting.

I just made that up. Don't laugh! ;)


SALE, Distressed Coasters

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Ohhh, Gus, Gus, Gus.

Whenever does she find time to sleep with all the exciting things happening in her life? Drama-filled vehicles, excitement in the job field {that I could live without, thankyouverymuch!!!!}, sewing projects, photography projects, sassy stories, FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY celebrations! {06.07.08 baby!}, grocery shopping + cooking, visiting family, etc.

It is safe to say things are busy for Gus. And hubby. Can't forget about him.

Life is busy.

Life is good.

Recently, aside from the awesome news of this wallet making the front page of Etsy over the weekend :), I have been looking at my shop and making little notes here and there about what I'd like to revamp. Yes, most of my notes are verbal and to Zack, but... they're notes, nonetheless.

Since I just LOVE bold and colorful fabrics, I needed to fix something with my photography.

Heather Bailey, if you are reading this, Hello :)

First, I decided that my pictures were too busy.
GUSSY was having trouble taking center stage ;)

Then I decided that while I have named things, other areas were lacking uniformity. Is that a word? I sure hope so! I felt like everything was just crammed on the site. No, that is a lie. I actually felt like things looked like they had thrown up. Eww. WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS NOTHING LOOKED ORGANIZED AND THINGS WERE SHOT HERE AND THERE; EVERYWHERE, FOR PETE'S SAKE!

OK, I've calmed down. So sorry for the caps.

I mean, I'm so sorry for the caps.

My mom taught me and my big bro that, So sorry... belongs to no one. But, I'm sorry belongs to you. {Also, hello to my Mom :)}

Back on track, Gus!

I felt like some wallets were shot from angle A, whereas others were shot from angle D. They looked like all had different mama's. Some pouches were dominated by the striped place mat that sat underneath and others fought for attention with a blue pillow. I just couldn't take it yesterday. So, in an attempt to fix it {and I must say I'm very impressed with the results} I re-shot 13 wallets.


Oh my gosh, totally praying the carpet lines on my legs go away soon.

Today I'll work on the clutches, make-up bags, zipped pouches and GUSSY bags I have in stock. There is just so much work to be done... and I couldn't do it all in one sitting. Sigh...

So... without further adieu, here are the new pictures.

Happy Gus :)

PS. Thanks for reading.


Charming Gus - Black, Yellow and Red Wallet


Ruffle Gus - Red and White Wallet


Charming Gus - Black, Yellow and Pink Wallet


Ruffle Gus - Pears with Pink Wallet


Mini-Gus - Pear with Yellow Coin Purse


Charming Gus - Nature Wallet


Ruffle Gus - Green with Pink Wallet


Mini-Gus - Grass Coin Purse


Ruffle Gus - Floral Wallet


Charming Gus - Embroidered Grass Wallet


Ruffle Gus - Cream Garden Wallet


Mini-Gus - Blue Floral Coin Purse

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Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately that I love your wallets, because I do. The moment I have a little moolah again, it is coming your way Mrs. (Congrats on the one year, by the way) The new pics of Gus all up front and center stage like that, look great. Thanks for your kind words today on my blog. Much appreciated. Glad we "met" too. Haaha we are so mushy. Anyways - back to the desk for me/sweat shop for you!

Speaking of sweat - day 15 of the Shred for me today. OHHH boy!