Saturday, July 11, 2009

{Collin, part 2}

Welcome to the Detroit
Zoological Park!
On Tuesday, Zack and I took Collin to the Zoo. It was a perfect, perfect day to go: 70 degrees, blue sky and breezy. While it was packed full of people, we loved the day trip! We brought the stroller because we expected to be there for a few hours. In fact, we were there for 3. The stroller saved us from going home early I believe :) I was a bit surprised at how content Collin was with riding in it, but glad, nonetheless.

See my beautiful necklace that my nephews made me for my birthday? I wore it to the Zoo and Collin kept telling me, Aunt Maggie, I made your necklace. I made it for your birthday!!! :) It is AWESOME!

One adventure we went on while at the Zoo was the Australian Outback Adventure. Lots of kangaroo's hopped and rested around us. I don't think Collin was too keen on them... he didn't have much to say as we walked through it. I was a bit surprised ;) He usually talks to animals like they are people.

He loved the giraffes, though. We were all amazed at their size. At one point over his stay with us Collin told me, One day you'll be big like Uncle Pony.

Ummm, think again sweet child. Aunt Maggie will always be 5'4".

After our picnic lunch we shared a Lemon Chill. It sure was tasty!

One character Collin loves is Curious George. He loves all kinds of monkeys, too. Here is a gorilla we saw. Collin was sure to notice {and share with us} that they have butts, just like people. Yup, you're right Collin!

I love that Collin is holding on to Zack's hair here. Hilarious! :)

The only other thing we spent equal or more time doing while at the zoo was looking at the map. Collin loves to look at maps and know where we are going next. I was told that Collin now says, OK! So, what's the plan? And I just know that is because Zack told him throughout our trip at the zoo, OK, Collin, this is the plan...

Another exhibit we saw was Amphibianville. This HOP sign was outside the exhibit building. Pretty cute.

To get to the front of the zoo fast we rode the train. Collin also loves trains and Thomas the Train, so he was super pumped about this final adventure.

Looking at these pictures makes me miss Collin so much. He is so full of personality and spunk. I have a large part of my heart reserved for him :)


Anonymous said...

Your necklace is super cute Gus. And not to mention the purple shades - too cool lady! I like the picture of Colin watching the monkeys. You seem to be very good at this aunt stuff. When married I am acquiring 1 3-year-old nephew and 1-4-month-old niece. I hope I am up for the job!

Trish said...

Such a good Auntie!! Love the shades :)