Thursday, July 30, 2009

{feature: prettythingsbymeg}

Remember my jewelry-making friend, Megan? She
blogged recently that she is a few sales away from the big #100 on Etsy. By the way, way to go! Megan and I are college buds, former co-workers and Etsy lovers.

Megan makes lots 'o modern-meets-vintage baubles. All of her items radiant a sense of softness and femininity. Some of them even have sass ;) They are gorgeous!!! Megan is looking to do a celebratory giveaway on her blog once she reaches her sale goal, but she doesn't know what to do for the giveaway and is unsure how to advertise. I thought I'd surprise her by doing a little feature on her shop. Hopefully it will bring that number to 100.

So, what do you say?

Love you, Meg! :)
Good luck {and I hope this helps!!!}




Anonymous said...

So pretty. I love the beads she choses.

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Beautiful! I like the blues...I hope she gets to 100!


Nikki said...

I say, "Geez I have some talented (and sassy) friends!!!"

Megs said...

this is too dang sweet of you! thanks maggie!!

Megan said...

thanks maggie!! i'm excited about it! i would LOVE it if you could do a giveaway on your blog.. that'd be awesome!

how about we talk about it more over coffee on saturday ;)

Summer Wind said...

what pretty jewelry, she sure is talented!

{kara} said...

love these too! she does a great job!

{kara} said...

Meg's items are amazing and so well priced. I must remind myself to go back and shop when I get paid next week! Good Luck Meg!