Thursday, July 9, 2009


In celebration
of my 24th birthday, Zack took me on a row boat ride around the lake at my parent's cottage. It was lovely. All I had to do was relax and talk to him :) My two favorite things!

Here are some pictures from my birthday last year. As you can see I'm making the row boat ride an annual event, LOL. Zack, hope that is OK! :) Seeing my hair reddish/brown makes me want that color back. Hmmm... let's see how long I can resist the urge.

Collin and Jack, my two nephews, made me my birthday card. Collin painted it with watercolors. The necklace is made from foam shapes: circles, squares, hearts and stars. I LOVE IT!!! I wore it for the rest of the day. I'm very proud of Collin for keeping my present a secret the entire weekend.

Collin does this super cute expression where he raises his eyebrows when he talks. It is hilarious. His blue eyes get even larger as he tells a story with them raised. Collin's imagination is growing rapidly... I'm so proud of him and I love to listen to his stories.

My mom and dad gave me this plaque: Let the princess in you rule. It's now hanging in our office at home. I look at it daily and smile :)

Some other gifts I received from my parents: a big purple tub for my Etsy products, some Burt's Bees products, tank tops from Old Navy, a candle {love candles!!!}, flip flops from Old Navy, a Regina Spektor CD {such good music!}.

Over the weekend, Jack practiced his climbing skills. He is getting good and placing one foot on a step and then placing the other foot on a different step. Some times he'd forget what to do when he got to the top of the slide so he'd try and go back down. Silly Jack Riley.

Collin and Uncle Pony are best buds. They both love Spider Man and usually spend most of their time talking about the super hero.

My mom and I played Othello while at the cottage. Collin is "helping" us both win. Notice we are both wearing purple shirts? We do that often. On accident. Because we are Gussy's :) We are connected :)

This picture is a major achievement: Last summer, Collin wouldn't get near the water. He absolutely despised it and cried when we'd get his feet wet. This year, however, we found him wandering out all by himself. He's 4-years-old this year, you know :) He's a big boy. Right after Zack took this picture Collin squired my mom with the water gun while she was talking to the neighbor lady. It was funny. But only for a few seconds :)

Fifteen-month-old Jack Riley is also a water boy this year:


Anonymous said...

Your nephews are adorable. I bet Colin tells some great stories. Your birthday row boat idea sounds like a pretty sweet ride. Perhaps if I find a row boat and water, Gregorio could do the same! Heheh. Glad it was fun!

alyssa said...

hope you had a happy birthday!! looks like you did :)

Tangee said...

Oh your nephews are adorable and Happy Birthday to you! I love the row boat trip, how sweet!

Annie said...

Glad to hear you had a good birthday!
The plaque is adorable!
and your nephews are too :)

daniella said...

Both hair colors are good on you, hot stuff!

Happy beleated Birthday!!!! Glad you had a good one. And your gifts are all super. Lucky, blessed girl. Wish you many more blessings in the next year :-)

Jon and Steph said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! That necklace your nephew made is seriously the sweetest thing!

Your pictures are great!