Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{it takes fifteen minutes to say goodbye}

I called my mom
last night because I was just feeling off. We hadn't spoken in a few days {since Sunday, actually} and it was time to be Gussy's together. We talked about all sorts of things: family, jobs, houses, books, birthday parties, sewing, job applications, GUSSY giveaways. Ya know, all sorts of things :)

We enjoyed a lot of good laughs together, too.

Our conversation was getting to over an hour of chatting when my mom said she should go because she wanted to eat dinner. Although I acknowledged what she said, my mouth didn't.

Sometimes that happens.

Naturally, I kept talking.

I found myself saying, Hold on, one more story, or Wait, listen to this quickly. And sometimes I simply started a new topic super fast so I could squeeze in just a few more words.

Fifteen minutes probably passed.

In the end I finally told her, OK, I absolutely have to stop talking. You better just hang up on me because I can't keep my lips zipped shut.

Again, we laughed.

My mom and I have a running joke that it takes us fifteen minutes just to say hello to each other on the phone. Actually, I think my dad started that joke... We both always have so much to say and some times it's hard to pick just one topic to start talking about :) I'm super blessed to have her!!!!!!! This time it took me fifteen minutes just to say goodbye. It is so easy to find more things to chat about.

Obviously it's so easy... ha ha!

I AM SO BLESSED! Despite all the uncertainly in life with jobs I am always certain of a good GUSSY chat with my mom. Even as I type this I have a hard time stopping because... {and say it with me now!}

Gussy has a lot to say.

{The only reason I was able to stop typing out this past last night was because the bath water was running and about to overflow onto the floor.}

{And that would be super bad!}

PS. I received some lotion from my in-law's for my birthday and it is amazing: Johnson's SOFTLOTION Melt Away Stress Body Lotion {by Johnson & Johnson}.

PSS. By the time you read this I hope to be knee deep in a big sewing project.

OK, that is all I have to say.
For real this time.



Jon and Steph said...

That's so awesome that you have such a great relationship with your mom!

Anonymous said...

Moms are so darn cool. They always have something to say (just like you!) I bet you two have a lot of chats. Glad she is there for you during the tough time. Bye Gus! But wait, one more thing (wink) I liked your post today. Haha

daniella said...

I think it's such a blessing that you and your mom can talk like that and get along so well. No doubt I love my mama, but we don't chat like you two do (say that fast three times!)

P.S. Do you think you might have the diaper/wipe thingy all Gussy'd up by September? I'm getting all excited here.