Saturday, July 18, 2009

{a little, mini, itty-bitty hiatus}

Such a busy
GUSSY girl,

sewing away for hours and hours and hours,
making pretty ruffles with pretty fabric,
and absolutely loving the talent.

Such a busy GUSSY girl,
ironing and ironing and ironing,
all the while receiving free facials from all the steam,
the real reason she sews.
Just kidding.

Such a busy GUSSY girl,
that with all the cut fabric staring at her,
waiting to be ironed and sewn,
and actually ironed and sewn over the weekend,
she just needs a few days to recoup.

So. Please check back on her in a few days.
Like, once the weekend has passed.
You'll be glad you did...



Anonymous said...

Tired Gus! Take a breather girlfriend. I think you need some chocolate milk and a walk outside pronto. That is what works for me. Hhaha. Happy weekend!

. Becca . said...

Awwww, Gus! Have a nice, slow, non-sew weekend.

Then get your booty back to the sweat shop ;)


Nikki said...

Dear Gus,

Please come back soon! I miss you.



Hey Gussy! I made a post about you on my blog! You should go check it out! :)