Thursday, July 16, 2009

{a new, unlisted item}

After finishing sewing, photographing, and then listing eight Mini-Gus coin purses I decided it was time to make something new.

Time to make something I've never made before.


I have a love for sunglasses, and while they are amazing and colorful and weird looking {some times} they are probably my favorite accessory.

However... smudge marks aren't cool.

And since I always carry a purse/bag that is 10x larger than necessary {mom and Zack, don't say anything about this, lol}, everything floats around like poo and it's kind of chaotic in there.

So. Gussy to the rescue.

How about a sunglasses case?

How about something cute, ruffled, and sassy?

Alright :)

PS. Don't search high and low on my Etsy shop for this babe. She isn't listed yet ;)


Anonymous said...

Holy toledo! You were so busy today! Where do these ideas come from. I mean honestly Gus! They just keep coming! You go girlfriend! By the way I have decided I am officially bringing that phrase back. Great sewing today.

Your sunglasses are very cool.

Kimberly said...



All right Gussy, I'm so impressed with your stuff, that I decided to buy a little treat and use it to do a random Giveaway on my blog! I've already placed the order, and as soon as it gets here, I'm gonna do a post about your stuff. Keep up the good work! Love it!

(P.S. Even though I really wanna keep it for myself, I've been wanting to do a giveaway, and this is just the thing!)