Thursday, August 13, 2009

{travel diaper + baby wipe case}

There is no doubt that babies + kids rule.

Can I get an Amen?

Wouldn't it be more fun to wipe their bums with a sassy
travel diaper + wipe case?

mmmHmmm, I think so!

Plus, the diaper case can be washed. Ya know, in case the poo monster attacks.

One of my blog friends, Daniella, suggested this idea to me. Yeah, she wanted one for herself {baby Davey is coming in September}, but I'm sure she also thought it would score well with GUSSY fans.

What do you think?

Now, no commenting on the stash of fabric in the diaper side of the pouch. I don't have babies, so there are no diapers at The Whitley house.


Besides, with all my experience with my nephews, I thought it was a good estimate for the thickness of five diapers.

That's right, five diapers.
Plus a travel pack of baby wipes.

Gosh, better start planning your next vacation.
You're now allowed to leave the house for six hours ;)


daniella said...

And when my babies are no longer in diapers, I will be carrying a book in the diaper side. Then when I'm really old it will probably be Depends, or extra panties for when I laugh uncontrolably and...ahem...have an accident. Don't look at me like I'm gross, BIRTHING something the size of a watermelon will do that to you! Wipes? I'm forever hooked, till the day I die.

Thanks for doing such a great job, Gus!!!!!!! Can't wait to get it. I'll send you my new address in a bit.

Lory said...

@Daniella: LOL! You said it perfectly, and what a GREAT idea!

It's so much more compact and convenient than lugging a big diaper bag! Especially as they get older... It will also last through the toddler years (wipes are ALWAYS great to have on hand), and you can carry other things besides diapers. Very versatile! Great job, Maggie!!

JenandJeff said... soon as I start popping out the kiddos I'm goin to be all about this!!!!!! SUCH SUCH SUCH a great idea!!!!! you are brilliant!

Megs said...

aw, it's a diaper clutch! that is a great idea :)

Polka Dot Moon said...

Just fabulous! I'm sure those will be hot sellers :)

Molly Lou Gifts said...

Love it Gussy, love it! I want one!

Love that Daniella...keep her around. :)

Jenn said...

Stop it with all the ridiculously cute stuff already!

I'm just kidding.

If you are juried in, you should totally send this too!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

What a great idea! If I had babies I would most definately be packing those with me! You are so creative!

Pink Little Ladies said...

Love it, Just raved about it on my blog, are you selling them in your shop? I would totally buy a pattern, if you make one.

Lori said...