Friday, August 14, 2009

{dear readers, I have a lot to say. love, Gussy}

On Tuesday, I showed
off hard-core proof of The Sweat Shop working some overtime. Remember these pictures? Yeah, they are real. If you lived near me I would let you hold them. They are all so beautiful with their ruffle-ness {a little shout-out to my mom: Kathy-ness!}

Word on the blog street is that my mom now knows how to comment! I wonder if she'll make herself known in this blog post?!?! Hmmm. Be on the watch for her, she goes by Mama Gus {so appropriate :) }

Sorry for the diversion. THE SWEAT SHOP. It is real. It exists. Looky look look:


It has been busy here, that is for sure. No doubt about it. Actually, when Zack came home from work super late the other day he came into the sewing room and said, Maggie! What are you doing up?

Zack, it's only midnight...?

{However, I have never been caught sewing that late. Or not caught.}

Once the surprise died down we chatted for a few hours.

HA. Just kidding, we chatted for a few minutes, before I showed him everything I had made. He started to laugh at me, he said it was cute how I was counting all my products out loud.

Whatever. I think he was laughing because I was reaching the thirties and he was a little nervous that our home has actually become The Sweat Shop.

So what if it has, right?

OK. I'm going to share with you my new products. While you're reading this I'll be sewing, again. It is my life :)


blue floral

vintage pink

dirty pink

nature wallet

organic mum

striped with pink

striped with blue

striped with green



{GUSSY} knows how to personalize ;)

Remember sweet Courtney, who ordered a SURPRISE clutch & coordinating coin purse for Sunshine Meg? Well, Courtney contacted me again, but this time she wanted some GUSSY products for herself :)

Together we worked up a nice order: a clutch & coordinating coin purse, plus a make-up bag. See for yourself... this stuff is real ;)


OH!!! One more thing: MEG! I got your package today!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! :) You are so kind. Such a good friend :) It was a little {but oh-so gracious} care package from Maryland, where Meg lives!!! I hoped it up and immediately exclaimed NAIL POLISH!!!!!!! I love nail polish. If you've read this interview on The Sunshine Studio's blog, it's very, very possible I paint my fingernails during the day.

Don't be disappointed. It's the small things in life that keeps this blog funny, right? ha ha :)

Also included in my package was a handwritten note from Meg herself, some AWESOME metallic sewing pins, a note pad, a note card set, GUM {yeah, Meg! :) }, and some glitter pencils. I love it all!!!!


I have been reading through the comments on Lory's blog and saw this joke one reader had left:

What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?

A pouch potato!


Gussy is out! ;)


Jenn said...

Ok, you seriously need to cut it out with the cute stuff! I told my hubby about checking out your stuff in person and how it was unbelievable and how I can't wait to get my coin purse. Then I told him about the freakin' adorable diaper bag you made, he just looked at me and said, good thing you don't have a lot of money or I'm sure you'd buy too much of her stuff!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

You really find the greatest fabric! The new creations are darling!!

Mrs. C said...

OK the custom make up bag is TO DIE FOR!! LOVE IT!! You should put those up on your site!

JenandJeff said...

how much do you charge for the coin purses and clutches? i'm totally digging your stuff!

Lory said...

I love it all!! A makeup bag like that is calling my name!!!

I saw that joke too - we've had some great comments!

Anonymous said...

= )

That is all.

Well, that and happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend!

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I laughed out loud at that about the little things that excite. :)

Love your new things...great fabrics. I need a diaper clutch and makeup bag. You rock Gussy.

Keep up the sweat, I mean GREAT work!