Saturday, September 5, 2009

{Gussy's got some things to say}

My Heavens, I hardly know what day it is! As most of you know, these last few weeks have been full of all things unusual.

I'll try and do a little recap because, let's be honest, it would be helpful for myself! ;)

Around the first of July Zack and I realized we would need to start looking out-of-state for work {we then lived in Michigan}. We had been battling a total of 3 job losses since January and it was time for some serious and permanent changes to happen. Pretty soon after, Zack received a magazine in the mail that included a large section on the top 100 cities in the US. It rated them by economic status, employment, culture, housing, etc. We soon read that Minnesota was on that list.

Fast forward a bit. I was telling my friend Nikki about this discovery and she suggested I forward her my resume. Maybe I could get a job where she was working?

To make that long story short, everything turned in my favor and Zack and I were set to visit Minneapolis for a week in August. I'd visit the company Nikki works at, hopefully have an interview, Zack would look for work, and so on.

The middle of August came and onward we went. We drove to Minne and stayed with Nikki for one week. We arrived Sunday evening. By Tuesday morning I had an appointment to visit her employer. On Wednesday they asked me to stay through Tuesday. Then once Tuesday came I was asked to stay through Friday.

Ummm, OK!

I was freelancing for the company as a Digital Proofreader and things were looking up.

On Wednesday, two days before we were supposed to drive back to Michigan, I was offered a full-time position at the company. I'd continue as their Digital Proofreader.

That day, Zack and I frantically made phone calls in preparation to move 13 hours away. We needed to move that coming weekend. We called our families and told them of OUR BIG NEWS! :)

We drove back to Michigan Friday morning.

Our families arrived Saturday morning to help us pack. And I just have to share this fact, because it is so darn stinkin' cool: It took us no more than 4 hours to pack our house and have most of the cleaning done! I AM SO PROUD OF THEM! It was amazing. A huge blessing! :)

On packing day, it had been over two weeks ago since we had been home. Nothing had been prepared for us to move. Laundry sat in the hamper. Leftovers were in the fridge. Our mail sat un-read.

Turns out God had some great things planned for us. Over 15 people showed up to help us move. Family drove hours to help us out. My big brother even made a surprise trip in :)

When I think back on that day {August 29}, Zack and I didn't pack a single box. We were so occupied with organizing the move, saying hello and goodbye to family, and making sure last-minute errands were run. That day still exhausts me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday morning came and we caravaned 4 vehicles out to Minnesota.

Monday morning we unpacked.

Tuesday morning our families left for Michigan.

Wednesday morning I started my first day of work.

Yeow! :)

And that brings us to today, Saturday, September 5th.

Hello, my name is Gussy and I now live in Minnesota.


Just so you all know, I did laugh-out-loud when I typed that. This is so unreal. Zack and I live in an apartment in downtown Minneapolis. I can walk or take the bus to work. I sit on the 12th floor of Carmichael Lynch with a PC and a Mac and I work, work, work away. I'm their Digital Proofreader. I sew on the side, talk every single day of the year, and unfortunately, live miles and miles away from our family.

But, amidst all of that, I have to take comfort that this is all God's plan.

I'm going to try and write this correctly:
We make plans and God laughs at them.

My, that is so true!

I remember earlier this summer I was frantically trying to figure out our lives. We were pushing 5 months of unemployment {which was OK at first, but after a few weeks I began to question where this would take us. And after a few months of being unemployed I really began to question my purpose} and I knew September brought the end to many things, specifically the lease on the house we were renting.

I have always had a hard time with not having a grasp on the future. Zack finds it easier to let things go and wait for the answer; I, on the other hand, don't like to wait.

Until recently, that was the way things were.

Once August came, our roles reversed. I knew there wasn't a darn thing I could do differently to change our future and finally decided to let go {and let God}. However, Zack began to worry more and wonder more about how we'd make it through.

It seemed like overnight it became a heavily-weighted subject.


We knew He would.

There were definitely days when we weren't sure how He would, but we knew He would.

God always pulls through.

When I wrote earlier...
I'm going to try and write this correctly: We make plans and God laughs at them.

...I'm always messing up phrases like that. For instance, I love to say, When worse comes to shove. Instead of, When worse comes to worst, or When push comes to shove.

So if I've typed something incorrectly, please just smile ;)

Another side note:
Life is short. Talk fast!

So. This year has been full of trying times. {I just asked Zack if that is the correct way to write that. See, now I'm getting nervous!} I know there was a purpose to it all, but six months ago I wouldn't have been confident {or comfortable} saying that. For over a year I was absolutely against moving out of state. I had never lived out-of-state until now and I didn't want to be away from our families. I still don't like being far away. But God has taken that control away from me and says, Trust me.

A lot of credit needs to go to the people that God has placed in our life. They've helped us get to this point. Without all of them we certainly wouldn't be living in Minneapolis! YEAH for College/Etsy/Babysitting connections!

Just yesterday I painted my fingernails with some nail polish that Sunshine Meg mailed me!!!!! {Hot pink polish, baby!} She's a blog friend of mine and has been encouraging us these last few months to hang in there. Meg is a super awesome friend!!! Other people, like our family, respond to our e-mails with encouraging words.

I feel like I'm getting a bit off track here. Basically, a big thanks to everyone that has been super awesome and encouraging to us. Life on this side of the clouds can be a bit hard to swallow some days. I'm really praying things continue to look up for us.

Taking a break from planning life's plans has made a lot of things easier. It's hard to admit that, but it's true.

What is something you'd like to work on? What is something you think you'd have a hard time doing differently?

What is going on with you? I know I've been mega MIA for almost a month now.

Shoot me an e-mail and GUSSY to me :)


I'm hoping to find some time during this long, restful weekend of DO NOT DISTURB I'M RESTING AFTER 40 DAYS OF CHAOS to sew.

I've stopped counting the days of non-sewing activity. I know at one point I was at day 16. That is heart-breaking. Ugh. I wonder if I'll even remember.

Dear God,
Please help me remember.



OK. Me and my pink fingernails are going to keep on keepin' on. Hope to hear from some of you. Middle of next week our internet will be installed. Once that happens I'll have a much easier time staying in touch with you all :)

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. One of my wallets was featured in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine. A reader saw it while at the doctor's offer and contacted me. That was so awesome. A real highlight! :)


Wamhoffs said...

CONGRATS on everything Gussy! God does have a plan for all of us even if its difficult. I live out of state, Texas, from all my family, Michigan, and it just makes me appreciate and love them more than I ever did before!

Good luck with everything! =)

Anonymous said...

This story is amazing to me. You have kept your faith and proved that good things happen to good people. I am thrilled for you two and look forward to reading your adventures as you settle in. I'm glad the hot pink nail polish is keeping you going. I know it is an adjustment being far from family, trust me, I know. When you feel homesick and like you need to talk (a lot) that phone comes in very handy. Be strong and keep us updated. Good luck Gussy, good luck.

Kimi said...

Coming over from Sugar Britches. Your wallets are way too super cute!

And God always does pull through. We never know what he has in store for us so we just have to trust him and go with it :)