Tuesday, October 13, 2009

{custom orders end Nov. 14}

With all the recent snow-falling activity-ness going on in my life I have no choice {NO CHOICE!} but start thinking of the holidays. Why? Because snow = the holidays. And if these last few days = snow, then snow = the holidays. Right?

I'm not sure.

I woke up to white fluffiness {again} yesterday morning. AM I NOT THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD?!?! Ha ha, umm, no. Well, except that I was able to wear my mittens again.

Gosh, I love them.

While I stare at the snow outside {and dreaming of Sugarplums and dancing fairies, and yummy scented candles}, please understand that Christmas is on my mind. Like, totally on my mind.

All this holiday-like stuff has me trying to foresee the gift-giving season. This November marks my one year sewing anniversary. WOOO HOO!!! And while that means this is {technically} my second Christmas season on Etsy, it's really my first.


It is.

Because December of last year brought me one Etsy sale. And, as The Nester has said so herself, it's safe to say Gussy has learned how to sew.


So like I said, this is Gussy's first Christmas.

Oh, I just thought of something else that validates that statement:

Last November I didn't have {Gussy}.
My sewn items were Gussy tag-less.

While I'm not too sure what to expect, I'm going to announce that I have high hopes and am really, totally, for-sure excited! There, I admitted it with the whole wide world {aka: world wide web} so it must happen.


Time will tell :)

As the custom order requests continue to grow and fill my inbox {which I looooove}, I can only anticipate what this holiday season will bring for Gussy. This is where I ask for some audience participation {cue cheering}.

If you know you're going to place a custom order this holiday season, PLEASE consider with your kind heart placing an order now. I have no way to anticipate the upcoming custom requests and I'd love to meet all your needs. Who knows, maybe there won't be any custom orders and I'm fretting over nothing...?

But, ahh, if there are custom orders, I will need a little warning ;)

If you'd like a zipped pouch, laptop bag, make-up bag, bridal order, etc., or dinner delivered I can sew it up all sassy-like for you.


Dinner delivered?

Sorry, that slipped.

Take a look at a few recent custom orders {they're gorgeous!}:

Avocado-Green Damask Laptop Bag --


B&W Houndstooth Zipped Pouch --


Brown & Cream Damask Laptop Bag --


Oh, and probably the most important part of this post:

Custom orders are accepted now through November 14
and will resume in January 2010.


Anonymous said...

Custom orders end on... my wedding day!


Jacky said...

No Gussy tags? *gasp* Oh no! =)

Love that avacado damask bag! The green and the pink look so nice together!

erin said...

You will be busy, your stuff is adorable girl!

Bernice said...

I almost had a heart attack when I saw the title of this blog! I thought custom orders would be gone forever! Thank goodness they're not.