Wednesday, October 21, 2009

{a lesson learned}

Two nights ago Zack and I
were talking about how busy our lives are. I was explaining that it's not ideal for me to be this busy. I work two jobs, write a blog post daily, and love every second of the buying, selling, and advertising aspect of Gussy. Can I confess something? I'd really like a few little friends to help me with my day-to-day tasks. Little mice friends, like Cinderella had :)

{P.S. Remember Gus the mouse?!}

When we moved-in, almost two months ago now {gasp}, there was so much on our plates. We had to unpack, start a new job/find a new job, get GUSSY back up and running {I took about a month off from sewing}, and try to remember where we live now that we're in a new city. There are, after all, nearly 400,000 people that live in Minneapolis.


And we are just two of them!!!


Now that we've been here 7-ish weeks, there is {surprisingly} a lot on our plates still. I'm not as finicky as I was before about sewing daily, although there is no getting around doing some type of Gussy/sewing on a regular basis. I'm so excited to see what God has planned for us, specifically with sewing. Right now, given what He had planned for us to-date this year, I can't even imagine what else He has planned...

Can you imagine it? I mean, my goodness! Moving 13 hours away with a weekend's notice? Bahhh. However... with such short notice one good thing came from it: there was only one way to plan the move.


Absolutely loved that part.

So like I mentioned above, I'd really like some little helper friends.

First on my to-do list:

Finish decorating the sewing room/office. If it wasn't constantly decorated in ruffles maybe I'd notice this sooner than today...? Just a possibility.

Second, buy another chair. With having only two kitchen chairs {and one is broken}, and two office chairs, we're still short a chair! No, no, there are only two of us. Yes, we do need five chairs in the apartment ;) Maybe I can find one at a second-hand shop?...

Third, hang Christmas lights in the sewing room. How inspiring would that be, to hang something that resembles a glimmer of Hope, when this sewing talent really has become a glimmer of Hope for me. I could most certainly work in an office that looked like this:

{photo found here}

Oh, goodness... I wonder if Zack remembers where we put the Christmas lights...

Another area of our apartment {I believe this is point four} I'd like to decorate is a section of wall that is bare. Naked. Empty. White. Without color. See, there are lots of ways to describe it :) We have a lot of pictures to hang, we are simply missing the right photo frames. I'm really loving the layout of these frames:

{photo found here}

Another topic Zack and I had two nights ago was how some times, just some times, when I stare at my work for too long, for too many days in a row, I start to find flaws with it. That tiny, itty-bitty snip of thread hanging, or the ruffle that went on it's merry way while I was trying to sew it straight, or whatever... I find flaws that don't really exist and I start to wonder if I'm doing the right thing, spending so much time and love on sewing my ruffles. I'd like to think I'm doing the right thing. I'd like God to think I'm doing the right thing.

Do you ever have days where you let the devil in just a crack, only to find that BAMMM! The door gets slammed in his face.

Whoopsy. Shouldn't have let him in.

I had a day like that yesterday.

Want to know who slammed the door?

It was God, and it was amazing. For the last two months I have averaged one sale per day, and to ratio to selling to an unknown buyer vs. a known buyer is growing. People, this is great stuff. This is rockin' news!!! This new normal is something to celebrate. {Well, I hope it stays my normal.} :)

Back to the door slamming. A couple nights ago I was having a wishy-washy moment of, Do I keep going? Do I slow down? Or _____? Then yesterday, out of the kind of humor God has been showing me lately, He gives me four Etsy sales. Four! Remember how I average one? Yesterday I had four!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, there are four. A lesson learned: don't try to diss what God has planned out.

I have nothing else to write... Gussy is not questioning things any more...

"Never look back unless you plan on going that way." <--- Nope! :)


The Chubby Dove said...

Thanks, I needed to hear that myself.

God has given you talent, girl! Keep up the great work!

Melissa G. said...

Yay! Four sales in one day!
You DO have an amazing talent and with the way you want to honor God with is i know He will take you far!

Jacky said...

God is really amazing, isn't He? =) Gussy, you've got a fabulous amount of talent, so keep up the good work! And I would love to be a {Gussy helper}, although FL is kind of far away...=)

Bernice said...

Yay! Congrats on the 4 sales :)

mandiegirl said...

Yay! Love the attitude. I'm sure I'll be coming back to this post when I need a reminder. :)

Heather at All A Flutter said...

That is awesome! It can be so hard to give up the control and let God lead, but look at the amazing things he's provided you. I'm gonna remind myself of this the next time I think I need to do it all myself!!

Lisa said...

i had the same thing happen to me! I was about to call it quits and then BAM, three stores wanted to sell my cards. Funny how the big guy teaches us :)

Teri said...

Congrats on the sales yesterday!:)