Friday, November 20, 2009

{5+3+6+5 = 19}

Yeow! It's the weekend. I'm finishing up lots of new shop pretties. Please come back over the weekend as I'll have...

{5 zipped pouches}

{3 accessory/sunglasses cases}

{6 skinny pouches}

and {5 ruffle wallets}

That's a total of 19 new Gussy items.

Like I said,

see ya:)

PS. Don't forget to enter in the ElmStudiosOnline giveaway, found below!


bailey said...

WOW! i'm so excited! i was about to order some stuff and now i can get your new stuff! and i'll probably end up ordering more :) yay!!

Melissa said...

Your work is sooo freakin cute! When finances are better, I'm so getting ruffle stuff!! =)

Sarah, Ted and Eloise said...

very exciting...I like the new skinny things.

Jenn Bull said...

I may need a skinny pouch for my coins...