Sunday, November 29, 2009

{Happy Sunday to you!}

I heart...

{talking on the phone with family}


{and making Christmas stockings}

Zack and I picked out fabric together yesterday. I'll be making our Christmas stockings very soon. Along with a Christmas skirt. And a duvet cover. And wrapping presents. And working, cooking, sleeping, sewing, etc. Ya know, just the usual things.

I realized I have too much on my to-do list so I'm splitting up my sewing batch. I'll do half this weekend and the second half this week. I can't do it all... the sooner I realize it the happier we all are. For example, yesterday I threw 1.4 temper tantrums while decorating our apartment for Christmas.
Whoopsy. Looks like someone missed their afternoon nap. Hah. {Not really.}

More on that later...


gina said...

Love those stockings!

photography4me said...

What a cute blog! Just was reading through some comments over on Rachel's blog. Something told me to click on your name. I'm glad I did. Sometimes I just know how to pick them..LOL! Anyway I see we have some of the same interest in our hobbies. And Houndstooth!!! Would love to stay in touch so I'm adding you to my blog list. Have a wonderful day!

Missy said...

Do you sew presents for your family and friends for Christmas?

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

UMMM we need a tree skirt. Pronto. Thanks.
is that YOUR orange phone? Because I love it.
I miss you. Like the dessert misses the rain. Do you remember that song? Please say you do.

burlap + blue said...

I LOVE your orange phone! So lovely. And those stockings are precious...I made some new fleece ones last year, but your pictures make me want to make new ones:)