Thursday, November 5, 2009

{nylons vs. tights}

A few weeks ago Zack and I were at a party together. There were so many cute girls wearing cute ruffly dresses with cute tights on. {And cute boots.} I loved their outfits. I told Zack I wanted a pair of cute tights, too.

Before I knew it we were talking about nylons and tights. At a work party. Me and him. He said something like, Then what are nylons?

I know, I know, I should be thankful he doesn't know, right? ;)

I tried my very best to explain what nylons are. Ummm, sheer pantyhose? They are usually worn by older women? Ummm. Pantyhose is another word for nylons. Well, nylons are thin. Kind of sheer. Tights have texture to them, and they are usually thicker. Kind of like a sock would be textured and thick.

Then Zack said, OH! So tights are like socks, except they go up to your waist?!

Yes, darling, that is the perfect explanation.

I love my hubbs :)

PS. {9 days...} + a one-word hint: many


Jacky said...

Aw, Zack cracks me up!! In a perfectly good way of course. ;)

Did you know that my blogiversary is also in 9 days?

Working on a post of my sewing experience...=)

Jacky said...

P.S. Sewing pictures are up! Thanks, Maggie, for all your help. ;)

ZWhit said...

LOL Maggs! LOL Fun post!

mandiegirl said...

I LOVE that last photo! SO cute! :)

Meredith said...

Oh, I LOVE tights!!! They are a staple in my wardrobe!! However, I am enjoying leggings this season!! Kind of like tights, but heavier, right??!!!

This girl said...

Hi! I have just come across your blog, I love it and love Gussy! Congrats on your sewing achievements!
All of these pictures of tights just make me swoon. The colours, THE COLOURS.

Peach Rainbow said...

Funny :D !

Sinjin von Hoogstraaten said...
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