Thursday, November 19, 2009

{ohhhhhhh, I'm so silly}

To those of you that know me IRL this won't come as a surprise:
I like to plan things.

So, now that I've "said it out loud," I'd like to share with you all that I'm already working on my next {Giveaway Day}. And just to prove to you that I'm already working on it I now have 6 people signed up to donate!

Woooooooo :)

I'm thinking once this "Minnesota winter" hits I'll have another {Giveaway Day}. So that will be, like next week? Just kidding. Maybe the end of January.

Would you like to be included in this next round? Write me an email and we'll chat. I promise I'll have lots to say, hah.

If you have pretty things or pretty-smelling things or just a heart of gold, I'm your lady. Come to me... We'll chat :)

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ZWhit said...

My wife smells pretty...