Thursday, December 3, 2009


Guess what. It's baby season.

Baby season?


And I know a lot of gals that are having a baby. I bet you do, too. Did you know that my mom knits amazing baby blankets? She does. Her name is Mama Gus around the blogosphere. Sometimes she comments on here {watch for her!}

Mama Gus knits beautiful blankets and I'm lucky enough to have two in my Etsy shop. I sold one over the summer. I'd like to sell two more. Word on Michigan's streets is that she's knitting more baby blankets.

Ya know, because it's baby season.

Check this: I bet the mother-to-be that you know would just curl up in a comfy chair if she was given one of these babies. Not a real baby, silly, but a baaaaaaay-bee. She's already getting a baby. She needs a baaaaaaay-bee.

See? Huge difference.

Give the gift of a baby blanket knit by Mama Gus. And maybe include a 'lil Lovely Gus, too? For the mom, of course {nods head}.

Know what else is word on Michigan's streets? That one of the upcoming Mama-Gus-blankets-sold-in-Gussy's-shop is hot pink.

Yeow! ;)



Jacky said...

Mmm, it's beautiful. I love the purple blanket. :) I wish I knew how to knit. Well, I kind of do (I could make a scarf), I just wish I could remember more! I tend to stick to crocheting. :)

Mel B. said...

I am currently trying to learn to knit but I am no where near being ready to make a blanket. The purple blanket is beautiful!

Kate said...

I am in love with the purple one, but no baaaaaybeeeeeees to be found here. Maybe in 2010?