Thursday, December 10, 2009

{$30 x 4}

I wonder when I'll get my beautiful Heather Bailey fabrics in?

I wonder if it will be as chilly today as it was yesterday? Walking outside was painful :( I need to walk in a heated bubble from now on. For realz.

I wonder what what new people I'll meet today via Gussy :)

I wonder if we'll get the desk we looked at last night. It was adorable. White wood, cute little side drawers. Perfect for me to be a Gussy on with y'all. I already have visions of knitting a cute red runner to add a pop of color. I better stop talking about this desk before I fall in love...

I wonder if it bothers people that I write back to their comment if it is funny/reminds me of something/if I want to say hello?! :) I hope you don't mind. I like to meet + talk with you :)


Last night Zack and I went on a little date. We grabbed some dinner at Chipotle. Went and looked at a new desk for me, then we went to Target. A perfect ending with my perfect man. I needed new winter boots. My poor old pair had two holes on the sole. Gussy can't have holes in her boots! Also snagged a 2-pack of Burt's Bees chapstick. You know, one for me and one for him. His and hers :) I usually link my arm around Zack's when we walk, but last night was tooooo chilly. It felt like my skin was wet when it touched the wintry-air. Brrrrrr. Which reminds me, I need to get to knitting Zack's scarf. It is like 25% knit. Ooopsy.


Want more Gussy?
Here are four places you can enter to win $30 shop credit:

1. Meredith - Spire Design Group

2. Suzi - Pink Vanilla Cupcakes

3. Jacky - The Sweetest Petunia

4. Laura - The Gypsy Feet


In conclusion:

Friday is the final day of my 10%-off after refund Holiday Sale.

Two weeks until we visit family in Michigan!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how many suitcases I can bring on the airplane...



Laura said...

I lurv it when you reply to my comments. I have no idea how you do it but I really do lurv it. When you do it it's within a split second of my hitting "publish your comment". I think you're magical!

Anonymous said...

I love those suitcases. I want an old school one like that. Let the 2 week countdown start!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

Um, who wouldn't love a Gussy response. They make me smile.
And if you are flying Delta, well honey get ready to pay. MamaD said they had to pay $15 for the first checked back and like $90 for the second. She is in Hawaii right now. I wish I was...

nikki.francek said...

Chilly-er actually.. BOO

SoBella Creations said...

Love the fabric!

Meredith said...

I want a new desk!!!! No fair!!!

Corrine said...

So, I was reading one of your older blogs..cause I am kinda hooked now and could not believe how u begun to must be blessed with a serious gift to pick it up that fast and make such beautiful things. I keep telling my brother that I wish I could find something to make money like this so I can stay home with my beautiful my prior place of employment let me down during my prego. Hopefully my prayers will be answered and God will give me a sign so I can share my talents with the world..while loving my babies all the time at home!

Maggie Sue Designs said...

LOVE those Heather Bailey fabrics!