Tuesday, December 15, 2009

{Paul Frank watches}

Paul Frank has the most darling watches. I recently browsed through the collection and had a super hard time just picking a few I love. I have loved Paul Frank products for a few years now, maybe 6 or 7? I saw recently that Target now carries a Paul Frank line. I was of course devastated to find it's only for kids. Boo! Well wait. Target carries PF in junior's sleepwear. So semi-boo.

Y'all know Gussy loves color. Is it any surprise these are my most-favorite watches? There are even more I love {not listed}, but I had to call it quits before it got too out-of-hand.

Better stop while you're ahead, Gus!

I asked for some Paul Frank gear for Christmas this year. We'll see if Santa found anything Gussy-worthy ;)


What is your most-favorite watch brand?


Suzi said...

I love Paul Frank and have bought my 6 year old daughter a bunch of the clothes from Target. Super cute. :) I was a Swatch girl from way back. I need to get a new one--the 1st PF watch in your post is so cute. That could be the one. :)

Blog Buddy said...

My brother, Micah works for Paul Frank:) His art work is at the very bottom of my blog! (Love your blog-way cool)