Thursday, January 28, 2010

{new items + gift with purchase}

new Gussies are now available in
my shop

and for today only, every order placed
will receive
a FREE set of 4 Gussy ruffle note cards,
sewn by Gussy herself.

oh right, that's me :)

and y'all know then were sewn in The Sweat Shop.
so that's like, double fun.

these babies are perfect for Valentine's Day.
perfect for spring.
perfectly ruffled-up just for you.


Of course I have a few more things to say:

  • Be sure to scroll down and read the names of the Giveaway Day winners! :)
  • Become a sponsor on Gussy has a lot to say! Spots open up on the 30th -- contact me if you're interested in advertising here. Below is a chart of my blog's growth over the past 12 months. As you can see, the last few months, starting in September, have had exponential growth. If you'd like to be a part of something really exciting, please consider becoming a sponsor :)
  • Tomorrow is Featured Artist post # 11. Come back for a soft surprise...


Meg said...

I love your new Gussy's, and the note, once again you AMAZE me Maggie!

Oh how I wish I could buy something today so I could take advantage of that free gift with purchase deal, I am a sucker for free gifts with purchases, just ask my husband! I hope that you have a glorious day and thanks again for giveaway day, it was "sew" much fun!

P.S. When can I use my $25 shop credit and how does that work?

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

How fancy are you?! Love the notecards. I've thought {multiple times} about adding stitching to my card projects, but unfortunately, my sewing machine doesn't seem to much like it. Oh well. All these ruffles look gorgeous! :)


Gussy, Love the notecards !!
Wish I had half of your talents

Lukes_mama said...

The Giveaway Day was so much fun!! I love the note cards, now I'm off to go look in your shop!

Have a great day!

mandiegirl said...

How fun! You did such a great job on those cute cards!!! And congrats on your blog growth!

kaylin rose and mara anne said...

super cute notecards...i love sewing on it all of the time!
great idea gussy!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

The note cards are beautiful! I'm sure they're going to be a big hit!!! :)


Marfa said...

Gussy you have me drooling all over my laptop with your adorable pouches. How cute are those, I ask you? I don't have the cash right now to buy one, but they're going on my wish list FOR SURE! The cards are adorable too. You seem to me like an adorable splash of color, I am definitely a fan. I'm adding you to my list of favorite Etsy shops. I already have you in my list of favorite blogs. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

Megs said...

what a cute idea Maggie! i love em!!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Your blog is very cute! And so are your little ruffled pouches.

Kate said...

Maggie, I am so, so happy that your blog and sales have just exploded over the past few months! Your ruffles are awesome :-)

nrnoodle said...

Where did you get your tags made that you use on your products? I would like to get some made but have not found a shop I like yet. Thanks ahead of time.