Thursday, January 7, 2010

{the d.}

There are times, and I admit more times than I'd like to admit, that I feel like the devil is trying to bring me down. Trying to take away my energy to sew. Trying to tell me my work isn't good enough or that no one wants to own a Gussy. Other times I don't hear from the devil at all, but from God.

Showing me to keep doing what I've been doing. Blessing me with 299 sales {yeow!}. Blessing me with the funds to attend Blissdom 2010 in a blink of the eye.

But then, when it's been too good for too long, it seems like I hear from the d. again. Yes. He's so pitiful I couldn't even type his name. That darn devil. Trying to sneak in and ruin my evening.

Telling me to be jealous of others achievements, and other ridiculous things that I don't even want to think about anymore now that I am thinking about them :)

Be gone.

Shoo away.

You aint welcome here.

I don't need to feel like that. I shouldn't let those thoughts linger. I need to be reading my Bible more and feeding myself with the Word.
I need to let God into my Gussy head more so I can do what he wants me to do. Like cook, sew, and talk.

I feel a need to incorporate a good Bible verse into my Sweat Shop.

For now, this one is a good one to focus on:

Matthew 6:34

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

...each day has a ton of blessings that I need to be seeing :)


Celeste said...

:) My absolute favorite verse.

Amanda said...

Amen to that. I have blog envy. I have sewing envy. I have crafting envy. I have home design envy. I have super-mom envy.

And you just nailed it on the head. Why don't I focus on the things that I AM GOOD AT. Very well written. It is the devil that puts these evil thoughts into our heads to bring us down.

Thanks for an uplifting verse. :)

PS. I ended up loving my Gussy bags so much that I kept 2 instead of gifting them at Christmas. Haha!

Jacky said...

Yay! So glad you're not letting "him" get you down. If you saw the zippered pouch I made tonight, you would feel sooo much better about your Gussy's. The stinkin' lining made me so mad! ;)


Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

Y'all are so great :) thanks a majillion for leaving a comment ♥

Candice @ Made With Love said...

One of my favorite verses! Thanks for putting it out there, as it's a reminder for us all! :)

Meg said...

I am also guilty when it comes to envy! Everyday I peek into the lives of so many amazingly talented ladies(Gussy included)and I want to be like them, just once live the lives that they live, take the trips that they take, create that things that they create, but then I realize that GOD gives us each our own unique gifts! GOD has truly given you a gift Maggie, and you use it with such grace and appriciation towards HIM! The devil has been slowing me down allot lately too, telling me that I cannot reach my goals and that I should just give up, telling me that it is okay to yell at my children until I feel like I am going to have a stroke, telling me that I am not a good Christian, Mother and Wife and I should do better! Let's not let the devil bring us down! The otherday when I thought that I couldn't take anymore fighting, screaming kids, crying babies that couldn't be calmed, I just happen to glance over at my daily devotional calender and saw this verse: The Joy of the LORD is your Strength. Nehemiah 8:10. HE always knows when the devil is grabbing ahold of you and HE is always there to grab you back! Take care!


Kimberly said...

I hear ya. To be honest about our relationship with the Lord, we have to be honest about the d. The d. or the evil one is roaming about the earth looking for who can devour.
We have to shoo him away, pray him away and draw closer to the Father. Nothing comes our way that has not first sifted through the Father's hand. But, we have to be on our guard. Not to be afraid though - the Father is much bigger than the d. We are daughters of the KING.

Michelle said...

Ah, yes, the d. He doesn't even get a capitalized letter. ;)

He's come a-knockin' a few times over here. Sometimes it's really hard to get him to leave.

Gussy is good. God is good!!

Love the's so true (even though I may not always feel like agreeing with it).

And, yes, I'll do what you asked in your email. No shop for me...yet...mentor me. Shoot...make me get that sewing machine out!! (although machine sewn goodies isn't what I want to sell...that's your area of expertise!)

The Chubby Dove said...

Oh, Gus!
You're doing an amazing job. You've sold almost 300 Gussys (probably more than that by now)!

We all feel that way at one time or another. I think more so as women b/c we are always comparing ourselves to someone else. For example, I changed the name of my business a short time ago and lost all my previous etsy sales (they don't transfer over when you do a name change). I also get alot of custom orders thru my website and word of mouth that don't go through etsy. So, if you look at my shop, I have piddly sales. I found myself being envious of your almost 300 etsy sales.

Bottom line is, God's given you a gift, so just go give the devil a black eye and sew your little heart out for Jesus!

Love from The Dove!

Megs said...

jealous of others' accomplishments? girl, look at all you've accomplished in the past year! it's astonishing!! but i totally understand.. i've been dealing a lot with envy lately, particularly financial envy. it's good to be reminded that it's the d getting into my head... he does not belong there!!

Valerie said...

Great verse.

You are doing fantastic! There are lots of people who would like to be doing HALF as GOOD as you are...myself included!

Keep up the great work :)

dixie said...

don't worry about being jealous. jealousy is just inspiration to worry harder. just think about all the exciting things you have to look forward to in the next few weeks!

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

I am constantly revisiting Matthew 6 - If He takes care of the birds, He will take care of me.

I've had the hardest time, lately, making myself paint. And I LOVE to paint - I've been blaming the devil. Thanks for being so honest about what you are dealing with -it encourages others to focus on God.

Jenna said...

i had this same conversation with my my husband the other night. i need to ask god for direction more, pray about it more. and stop listening to the enemy telling me lies.i just found your blog and its so encouraging. how exciting for you and {gussy}. you've done such an amazing job with your business, i hope your success continues one hundred fold. so wish i was going to blissdom. ugh. maybe next year.;)