Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{get some tissues. I'll wait...}

Yesterday was a busy day. I went into work as usual, but left early so I could take Zack to a doctor's appointment. A little non-routine for us, but God had His hand on this situation and everything turned out to be fine.

After Zack's appointment we chowed on some lunch together. It was a late-afternoon lunch. It was wonderful. It reminded me of the times when we were just dating...

We met in college, our freshman year, and dated through graduation. Then, once Z graduated, we got married. I miss those fun, spontaneous times. So lunch was a special treat :)

For dinner we had leftovers. Not "leftovers," but LEFTOVERS {!!!} Mexican. Delicious. Wine. Some TV. Again, it reminded me of college. Gussy is so in love :)


As I wrote this post {remember I type these the night before}, Zack sent me this email:

Hi Maggie.

I'm in love with you. I'm so happy that you're my wife. Thank you for taking care of me today. :)

He is precious. He is precious because he is tough and he shows me his love all. the. time. Seriously. I'm very blessed. Thank you LORD.


I've added to my Big Cartel shop. Well, added to the URL. You can now type "" and it will direct you to my new store. Always thinking of you guys...


...And how hard it can be to remember long domain names.


I'm sooooo close to finishing up my secret surprise. But I can't show it to you early. Hah! Just sit tight :) My reveal date is Friday, February 5. Think you can hold out that long?! I hope so... tee hehe.


I've been busy brainstorming up some new Gussy products. And no, not new fabric for old project ideas. NEW PROJECT IDEAS with new fabric combination's. Yeow! :)


I heart our family! Here are some more photos from when were in Michigan for 10 days over Christmas:

Jack Riley -- my youngest nephew

Zack (hubbs), me, and my big brother, Matt

Cousin Alexis and me:

Collin, my oldest nephew.
He is sooo darling and he melts my heart:


Jack Riley & Collin {brothers} plus meeee:

'Lil Jack Riley. Are you being naughty, Jack? {probably}

Having nephews makes me so ridiculously excited to have children of my own. My nephews are darling, they are amazing, they teach me great lessons, they make me thankful. I love being an aunt. In a few months I'll have been an aunt for 5 years; Collin turns 5 in March. I remember the day he came into this world...

OK. I better stop before I start to puddle with tears.

Wait, one more story.

On our last day in Michigan we were trying to explain to Collin that Zack and I had to get on an airplane and go home.

He looked at me and said,
How many more sleeps?

How many more sleeps until you have to leave?

Oh. My. Word. Stab my heart and throw it on the floor.


Seriously LORD?

I am trusting you that this is what You have planned...

OK. Now that I am really crying I should get going. Just feeling very blessed to have such loving families, on both sides :)

However, this sad story can be made up for. The other night Collin and I {with the help of my big brother} sent each other picture text messages. We like to have fun.

xo, and have a blessed day.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Kathy said...

OK.....going for tissue now; should have done so at the beginning.

Love you Gussy!

Meg said...

Not allot makes me teary, but I will have to admit that post did! You are a truely blessed Gussy and your family is truely blessed to have you in their lives as well! Your family seems like they are just as amazing as they are beautiful! When the Lord blesses you and Z with children of your own, I can already tell that you two will be wonderful parents and your children will be lucky to have parents like you two! Ican't wait for the reveal in Feb. Yay!!


Jacky said...

Aw...*sniff,sniff* Zack is so sweet. ;) And Jack and Collin! Oh my. SO precious. Yikes.

Ohh, February 5th? I will be here. Can't wait to see what you've been up to! :)

Michelle said...

You & the mister are so darn cute! And, I love Jack's cute cheeks!

Can't wait to see what the surprise is!!!!!

I'm working on goods this weekend to get some things going for myself. I need to stop talking about it and just do it!

Cindy said...

Awwww! You and your mister are adorable. :)

Lisa B. said...

You have a beautiful family Gussy!! I enjoy your blog so much!!


Cindy said...

You are precious, I'm so blessed God chose you to be the next member of our family, I am reminded often how loved you and Zack are and how blessed our families are and how some families don't have any of what we have, some will never know any of what we share in our families, we need to pray that all people will feel loved from someone, somewhere today. love you sweet Maggie