Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Giveaway Day deadline}

Just a quick reminder that Giveaway Day ends tonight @ 10 CST -- the winners will be announced tomorrow. {Scroll down to read all 12 features/giveaways!}

Oh... and some exciting Gussy announcements will be made then, too :)


emily said...

i'm so bummed, my google reader does NOT tell me when you update?! i'll be back later this afternoon to sign up for all those lovelies below!

Meg said...

Giveaway day was so much fun Maggie, I found myself checking your blog about every 30 minutes! I can't wait to see who wins all of these amazing gifts, thanks for hosting this, you are the BEST!! I will keep checking back for the BIG Gussy announcement, I am so excited! Have a wonderful Wednesday you AMAZING girl! Oh, by the way I am having my giveaway too this week!

Jacky said...

Gussy, I've missed your cheerful posts these past 2 mornings! Giveaway day was lots of fun, such lovely shops featured! I'm really hoping that I might be a lucky chosen one...perhaps The Vintage Pearl? ;) Oh, and a Gussy announcement? Can't wait!

Have a great day, Gussy. ;)

Andrea A said...

thanks for doing all of the giveaways Maggie! it's always fun seeing so many different handmade things. and you put so much hard work into it, so thank you! I can't wait to hear the big announcements too, yay :) this morning Brianna said, "oh look, you're using your Gussy" - it was so cute!